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Want to buy HH and Monker Preflop solves

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traxamillion   United States. Aug 24 2019 01:46. Posts 10468

I'm looking to buy a few things. Does anyone know a good place to buy large hand samples this year on z500+?

I'm also looking to buy good preflop multiway 6max nlhe monker sets. Various stack sizes from 20/40 - 200 but 100bb in particular.

Anyone have any opinions on the range converter or monkerguy sets?

I'd also be interested in 8-9 handed just to see how utg plays optimally in that game vs 6max.

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handbanana21   United States. Aug 24 2019 06:12. Posts 3037

ill throw in if we can get a pool.

Trav94   Canada. Aug 24 2019 11:39. Posts 1785

What are you even playing these days? Still mostly live?

devon06atX   Canada. Aug 25 2019 16:49. Posts 5458

man, poker is so different these days

I mean, how high can you reliably beat stakes before you need to analyze fucking 'ideal' moves w/ a program that sims 3 million computations? nl25? shit...

locoo   Peru. Aug 28 2019 17:22. Posts 4561

In the old days there were no bots, at least not as good as they are now, and also sweet rakeback deals which helped get out of micros a lot faster. If you can find a good site with few bots and decent rb I don't think it should be too tough to get out of the micros. It still takes effort, years ago you had to watch a shiton of coaching videos and analyze your game with pokerstove or whatever and talk and think about hands basically all day. It's no different only that now you get better faster, but regulars are still making huge mistakes

bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte 

Smuft   Canada. Aug 31 2019 11:38. Posts 633

sick how its been ~10 years since the mass exodus of pro poker players began and you started hearing flavors of "everyone is solid, poker is dead"

yet even in this toxic environment of botting, colluding, #1 poker site completely fucking over all the pros...

a decent number of people still find a way to make an upper income bracket living

Clarerisa   United States. Mar 01 2023 11:16. Posts 2

Hi! Does anyone else still has such hand samples? I also want to buy some

CarolynVJ   United States. Mar 01 2023 12:44. Posts 5

--- Nuked ---

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lostaccount   Canada. Mar 26 2023 17:56. Posts 5697

let it be, let it be, peace is my way, paradise is my destation - lostaccount This is the way PR tian xia tai ping xxxy tian tang luLast edit: 27/03/2023 21:26


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