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Has anyone been to Thailand?

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RiKD    United States. Oct 06 2018 01:54. Posts 5332
It seems like there are a fair amount of people on this site that have visited or lived in Thailand. I just keep having this nagging in me to get over there. It's funny in my previous life I wanted to ball it up on poker monies and do coke and cum on prostitute tittays (2 prostitutes, 4 tittays, or maybe a cum swap... but I digress). Now, I just want a nice spiritual trip. Check out some monasteries, check out some nice beaches, I am not even really sure yet. I may even want to go up North and hike the forests. I really would like to go to Myanmar (Yangon) as well but I think that might be unsafe at this point?


I am unsure on how to even go about it. In the past all my traveling has been pretty bourgeois. Hotels and vacation rentals. I would want to do it up pretty cheaply here. Straight up backpacking mode. I don't even know if I would want to bring a laptop. I want cheap shelter, cheap curries, fresh fruit, cheap transportation. Don't mind hiking long distances. Check out some monasteries. Check out the art. Visit some family. I may have to choose between forest and beach. I think it depends on what monasteries I want to check out.

What else is there to do in Thailand?

I want fresh mango and mango and sticky rice. I want to avoid partying and prostitutes. Stay away from big cities and sordidness. If anyone can help please do.

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drone666   Brasil. Oct 06 2018 04:07. Posts 1650

I live in Bangkok
you can stay in a monastery for free and live with the monks if thats what you want, they also give you food
Chiang Mai is the place you want to go

FrinkX   United States. Oct 06 2018 11:49. Posts 7471

chiang mai is where u want to go

bitch on a pension suck my dong 

RiKD    United States. Oct 06 2018 15:30. Posts 5332

When is the best time to go?

I want mangos to be magical but I don't want people around.

RiKD    United States. Oct 06 2018 15:32. Posts 5332

  On October 06 2018 14:30 RiKD wrote:
When is the best time to go?

I want mangos to be magical but I don't want people around.

Apparently April to July (in general)

RiKD    United States. Oct 06 2018 15:35. Posts 5332

"Best time to visit Chiang Mai weather-wise. November until mid-February is best as it's the cool, dry season."

RiKD    United States. Oct 06 2018 15:40. Posts 5332

  On October 06 2018 03:07 drone666 wrote:
I live in Bangkok
you can stay in a monastery for free and live with the monks if thats what you want, they also give you food
Chiang Mai is the place you want to go

Is that any monastery?

What if they don't speak English?

I would like to meditate in the monastery. That would be cool.

Grab a simple breakfast, meditate and be off.

Chiang Mai looks magical. As much as I want to check out some of the beaches I think that Northern area is calling me more.

drone666   Brasil. Oct 06 2018 18:17. Posts 1650

Most monasteries, as far as I know
Go to the big ones that they speak English, but you need to do monk stuff while you are there, I think you can only eat their food, breakfast and lunch, no dinner, wake up early sleep early in some coconut tree bed, basically 24h monk routine etc

If you want to do shit all day and go to do some meditation whenever you want I think you gotta pay, but they have dozens of monasteries in chiang mai, you will find one that fits you for sure

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Oct 06 2018 22:08. Posts 8632

+1 to Chiang Mai, I stayed there for a few months but it was like 10 years ago. Don't know anything about the monk routine/requirements, but it's a beautiful place.

I would add if you're going to that region, don't sleep on Laos, especially Luang Prabang. CM is a really chill city for the most part but it's still Thailand and you can still get a decent amount of people harassing you to buy shit, and more aggressively because you're white and have a dollar sign over your head.

In Laos I got almost none of that, I always figured it's because they're one of the few remaining communist countries in the world so the people just never cultivated that motivation to go out and fleece tourists. One of the Thai people I talked to said LP is kind of like what CM used to be 20-30 years ago. I don't know what the monastery requirements are there either but I can't imagine it's too dissimilar to Thailand.

Truck-Crash Life 

RiKD    United States. Oct 10 2018 00:10. Posts 5332

So, it's Chiang Mai. Thanks guys. It might still be Yangon (Myanmar) if it's safe to travel there. There is still a lot to put into order. Mostly, when to go and what to do. My aunt is Thai so I'm sure she will have some suggestions too. I think one of the biggest decisions is whether I do a meditation retreat when I am there or do one in North America.

Obannon112   Finland. Oct 10 2018 07:15. Posts 11

They are burning rice fields or something like that in Chiang Mai in around march so the air is smokey and horrible. Other than that it's a nice city.

k2o4   United States. Oct 29 2018 20:23. Posts 4803

Thailand is definitely a good place for you. Chiang Mai is a good part of Thailand to do it in. If you can, just start there, and expand outwards. You'd also get a lot out of visiting Burma, especially Bagan.

Good luck, I hope you get out there! 

RiKD    United States. Oct 29 2018 23:25. Posts 5332

I want to go to Yangon. What's in Bagan?

Loco   Canada. Oct 31 2018 01:15. Posts 19592

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. (Mencken) 

RiKD    United States. Oct 31 2018 21:57. Posts 5332

Hero. Would definitely like to meet that guy or check out his garden or how to build a hut.


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