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Help me please

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sunnyard5666   . Jun 28 2018 08:13. Posts 1

so im kinda getting bored of life and how things are going, for the last 4 or 5 months ive just been sitting here in my room grinding out poker.. and just taking care of the basics, saving up money to move out. But im getting very bored, and its taking a toll on me, i just feel like i really need to make a change in my life... i duno if i should go somewhere. I have a good car i could use to travel, but not much money, i have my roll thats at about 3K and like a hundred in cash in my pocket.. nothing in the bank... also dont have a passport yet.

anyway thats where i stand, like i said, i duno if i should go somewhere. maybe go out and try and find a cool job? get a new hobby? i just really want a change, i feel like this grind is just taking over my life..
btw this isnt a depressed running bad thread, im feeling great, just taking a look back and thinking i would really like to do something different..

if anyone has any good ideas, GIVE ME THEM.

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Jun 28 2018 09:40. Posts 9208

gym, hikes, holiday for a week, new hobby, get active or your A game s gonna suffer as well and you'll end up losing and being miserable cause of grinding 24/7

Daut    United States. Jun 28 2018 10:14. Posts 8913

I have no desire to hunt down old posts, but is this a repost from someone 1-2 years ago? I've closed some copy pasted rikd posts because they were extremely obvious, but I'm only 93% certain this time and don't want to prematurely drop the banhammer.

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devon06atX   Canada. Jun 28 2018 14:01. Posts 5414

What amazes me is when people respond to the first-third time posters with eye-opening soul openers like they're real people.

I mean. Sunny is obv. legit. I'm certain he'll be a positive contributor.

Santafairy   Korea (South). Jun 28 2018 14:16. Posts 1819

we can close rikd posts now?

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gingues   . Dec 01 2018 23:23. Posts 1

--- Nuked ---


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