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Confused on this hand

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Salnasty   United States. Jun 08 2018 22:19. Posts 1

Hey guys this is my first post. Here’s the hand:
Online NL 50 6 max the blinds are .25/.50

UTG ($51.08) who is a 28/19 & 1.8 AF and doesn’t like to fold opens to 1.50.

Main villain in the HJ ($78.19) who is a fish 44/11 & 1.5 AF decides to flat.

Hero in the CO ($53.50) flats w/ 7h5h. Now as a default I would fold here but I called for 3 reasons. UTG is bad and main villain is a really bad fish and they both have full stacks. The button is nitty and would most likely fold leaving me with position on everyone. There was also another fish w/ a full stack in the BB that I was hoping would call too.

Button folds, SB ($49.85) who is 34/21 & 2.4 AF calls, and the fish in the BB folds.

($6.50) Flop is Ah Ts Jh

SB checks, UTG checks, main villain bets alittle less than 3/4 pot. I call with literally no thought of raising and then everyone else folds.

($15.70) Turn is 10d

He checks and I check behind. I checked because I figured he would call me pretty much every time if I bet the turn and I also didn’t think another bullet on the river would get him to fold since he’s a fish.

($15.70) River is 3h giving me the flush.

Villain bets $14.83

Should I shove my last $32.57 for value or just flat?
And also would you have called preflop or would it have been better to just fold? Thanks guys.

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Big_Rob_isback   United States. Jun 10 2018 02:51. Posts 211

I think pf is fine with the info you have given. River I would definitely just call with a 7 high flush, in fact I wouldn't even shove a Q high flush.

just playing live poker for fun 

SleepyHead   . Jun 11 2018 01:11. Posts 878

Slam jam it in and stack KJ

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wobbly_au   Australia. Jun 12 2018 03:45. Posts 6540

The Last Laugh. 

SPEWTARD   Peru. Jun 13 2018 00:29. Posts 4306

  On June 11 2018 00:11 SleepyHead wrote:
Slam jam it in and stack KJ


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Cassiopia1   . Dec 24 2018 02:37. Posts 11

Pretty :>


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