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UFC 214: Cormier vs. Jones 2

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PuertoRican   United States. Jul 09 2017 22:40. Posts 11313

Date: Saturday, July 29th
Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass): 23:30 / 3:30pm PST / 6:30pm EST
Preliminary Card (FXX): 1:00 / 5pm PST / 8pm EST
Main Card (PPV): 3:00 / 7pm PST / 10pm EST
Live Streams:

Main Card (PPV)

Daniel Cormier (19-1) vs. Jon Jones (22-1) (Light Heavyweight Championship)
Tyron Woodley (17-3-1) vs. Demian Maia (25-6) (Welterweight Championship)
Cristiane Justino (17-1) vs. Tonya Evinger (19-5) (Women's Featherweight Championship)
Robbie Lawler (27-11) vs. Donald Cerrone (32-8) (Welterweight)
Jimi Manuwa (17-2) vs. Volkan Oezdemir (14-1) (Light Heavyweight)

Preliminary Card (FXX)

Ricardo Lamas (17-5) vs. Jason Knight (20-2) (Featherweight)
Aljamain Sterling (13-2) vs. Renan Barao (34-4) (140 lbs Catchweight)
Brian Ortega (11-0) vs. Renato Moicano (11-0-1) (Featherweight)
Andre Fili (16-4) vs. Calvin Kattar (16-2) (Featherweight)

Preliminary Card (UFC Fight Pass)

Kailin Curran (4-4) vs. Alexandra Albu (2-0) (Women's Strawweight)
Eric Shelton (10-3) vs. Jarred Brooks (12-0) (Flyweight)
Josh Burkman (28-15) vs. Drew Dober (17-8) (Lightweight)


- Cris Cyborg vastly expressed her desire to face the inaugural UFC Women's featherweight champion Germaine de Randamie at this event. However, de Randamie indicated that she would not face Cyborg due to her repeated transgressions with PEDs (despite Cyborg only failing a test in 2011). The UFC decided to strip her of the title on June 19 due to her refusal to defend it and then booked Cyborg against promotional newcomer and current Invicta FC featherweight champion Megan Anderson for the vacant title. In turn, Anderson pulled out on June 27 due to personal reasons and was replaced by current Invicta FC bantamweight champion Tonya Evinger on June 27.
- A featherweight bout between former UFC Featherweight Championship challengers Ricardo Lamas and Chan Sung Jung was originally in the works for UFC on Fox: Weidman vs. Gastelum. However on May 12, the bout was confirmed for this event. The pairing was originally slated to take place in July 2013 at UFC 162, but Jung was pulled from the bout in favor of a title fight against then-champion Jose Aldo at UFC 163. Subsequently, Jung pulled out of the fight in early June due to a severe knee injury. He was replaced by Jason Knight on June 6.
- Doo Ho Choi was expected to face Andre Fili at the event, but pulled out on June 14 due to injury. Artem Lobov revealed that he was offered the fight, but declined in order to help Conor McGregor prepare for his boxing match against Floyd Mayweather Jr. on June 16.
- A welterweight bout between former UFC Welterweight Champion Robbie Lawler and former UFC Lightweight Championship challenger Donald Cerrone was originally booked for UFC 205. However, Lawler pulled out to take a little more time after recovering from his previous fight at UFC 201. The fight was then rescheduled to take place on July 8, 2017 at UFC 213. Reports began to circulate on June 28 that Cerrone had sustained a minor injury and that the pairing would be left intact, but shifted to this event. UFC President Dana White confirmed later that Cerrone in fact had a staph infection and a pulled groin, and while the plan was to keep the bout, it wouldn't happen at this event. In the end, the bout was confirmed on July 2 for UFC 214.
- On June 28, the California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) denied former UFC Bantamweight Champion Renan Barao a bout at that weight class against Aljamain Sterling, due to his previous weight issues at UFC 177, in Sacramento, California. The bout will still happen, but at a catchweight of 140 pounds. CSAC Executive Director Andy Foster said that if Barao makes weight with no issues, the CSAC will revisit the possibility of allowing him at 135 lbs in the future.
- Claudio Puelles was expected to face Sage Northcutt, but pulled out on June 19 due to a knee injury. He was replaced by John Makdessi. In turn, the fight was canceled on July 14 due to both fighters being injured.

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PuertoRican   United States. Jul 09 2017 22:44. Posts 11313


First impression of the match-ups:

• Jones > Cormier
• Woodley > Maia
• Justino > Evinger
• Knight > Lamas
• Lawler vs. Cerrone (dunno)
• Oezdemir > Manuwa
• Barao > Sterling
• Moicano > Ortega
• Northcutt > Makdessi
• Fili > TBD
• Shelton vs. Brooks (dunno)
• Albu > Curran
• Dober > Burkman
• Smoliakov vs. Wieczorek (dunno)

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whamm!   Albania. Jul 10 2017 00:17. Posts 11625

For a fighting sport, Jones seems to be painted in a way where he's like this monster lol
I think half of NFL and NBA players does what he does every week?

impact69   Mexico. Jul 10 2017 03:06. Posts 278

Manuwa is only in the card in case something happens again I guess, good to see they have at least some back up.

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drone666   Brasil. Jul 10 2017 08:03. Posts 1645

inb4 someone pull out

cariadon   Estonia. Jul 10 2017 18:04. Posts 4007

Lawler beat Condit and Rory... if Lawler beats Cerrone he will become the biggest anti-hero for me.
Cormier v Jones will be interesting. Cormier is such a nightmare wet blanket ... Jones needs to land a good crack

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Jul 10 2017 22:15. Posts 8533

I wonder who will get injured this time Jones or Cormier

Excluding the hit and run, which was extremely disgusting, Jones has not done anything "spectacular" in terms of "badness". Cormier kind of sounds pathetic trying to catch whatever straw is thrown to him. And he will lose as he did the last time, to go back to the place where he deserves as the gatekeeper of the division. Honestly, the guy has been saying shit about all of his opponents as they are some sort of a fact - even Rumble, who was the nicest person on the UFC. He seems like a bad version of Plato.

This card is sick though, too bad the UFC are cunts for striping down the women featherweight champ of her title, considering there are serious concerns when it comes to Cyborg. Couldn't she just ask for a 100% full test on her during the whole period in order to fight her?

 Last edit: 10/07/2017 22:23

PuertoRican   United States. Jul 10 2017 23:52. Posts 11313

  On July 10 2017 21:15 Spitfiree wrote:
This card is sick though, too bad the UFC are cunts for striping down the women featherweight champ of her title, considering there are serious concerns when it comes to Cyborg. Couldn't she just ask for a 100% full test on her during the whole period in order to fight her?

Germaine de Randamie is a pussy, which is why they stripped her.

GDR knew that if she won the title, she would 100% have to defend it against Cyborg at a later date. What's more, there were only 3 people in the division: GDR, Holm, and Cyborg. Holm recently moved back down to 135 and won her fight.

Regarding testing: The UFC made the fight with GDR and Cyborg, but GDR refused due to Cyborg's one failed test in 2011 (6 years ago). Cyborg has been tested by USADA (currently the best drug testing organization) for multiple years, and she has passed all of those tests, and still gets tested by USADA because USADA tests year-round, even if you aren't preparing for a fight.

Not to mention, GDR fouled Holly Holm twice in their title fight and was never deducted a point for doing the same thing (hitting after the round ended), and she almost knocked Holm out the second time she did it. Right after the fight was over, GDR said she was willing to give Holm an immediate rematch, but Holm said no and moved back down to 135 pounds. Then, when the Cyborg fight was brought up, GDR claimed she was injured and would need time to recover, which led to several months of her going inactive from the MMA world, only to return months later and give an excuse as to why she doesn't want to fight Cyborg.

Essentially, GDR knew what she was getting into when she fought Holm for the belt, then she didn't want to fight the #1 ranked female in her division when she was expected to and came up with an excuse. GDR is also a part-time fighter and has a full-time job as a police officer in her country, which makes it easy for her to only fight 1 time per year (at most).

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Baalim   Mexico. Jul 11 2017 02:26. Posts 32425

yeah I agree good thing they stripped her of the belt

Ex-PokerStars Team Pro Online 

alejandicto   . Jul 11 2017 19:21. Posts 792

Yeah GDR was terrified of Cyborg, what a lame excuse she gave, that she was a cheater years ago bla bla. Nice card btw, two boring cards before this so we have to wait = (

PuertoRican   United States. Jul 15 2017 04:02. Posts 11313

With UFC 214 just two weeks away, neither Sage Northcutt nor John Makdessi will compete on the card. The UFC confirmed on Friday that both men suffered undisclosed injuries, so the bout was been canceled.

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PuertoRican   United States. Jul 16 2017 00:26. Posts 11313

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Floofy   Canada. Jul 16 2017 08:30. Posts 8683

I think Woodley will win but i'm really rooting for Maia =(

james9994: make note dont play against floofy, ;( 

Montrachet   Canada. Jul 16 2017 14:42. Posts 118

Rooting for Maia for sure. I could see this being one of the most boring fight ever from Woodley, which is quite something.

PuertoRican   United States. Jul 23 2017 03:40. Posts 11313

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impact69   Mexico. Jul 25 2017 00:41. Posts 278

PuertoRican   United States. Jul 25 2017 07:59. Posts 11313

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Raidern   Brasil. Jul 25 2017 14:47. Posts 4181

this weekend a bjj fight between roger gracie and marcus 'buchecha' almeida took place in brazil. they are most likely the 2 goats of bjj (imo above rickson because they are better athletes without a doubt). pretty sick if you ask me not everyday you see 2 goats of a sport facing one another

im a regular at nl5 

lucky331   . Jul 26 2017 05:14. Posts 1092

i got maia and DC.

northsails   Bulgaria. Jul 26 2017 20:31. Posts 410

Value on DC, imo.

1 fight in 2 years in a half, where Jones looked less than stellar. DC should win some rounds, also new rules about eye pokes, might leave Jones -1 point down. Should be close,imo.

Biggest value on the card I think is Renan Barao. He is just the worst match up possible for already overrated Sterling. Can't believe that he is a dog in this fight.


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