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Live 3/5 NL Hand

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Kashll   United States. Dec 22 2015 05:45. Posts 2

3/5 NL live game. Table is in ~4th orbit or so not a lot of relevant player history.

Hero is Button with $900~
Villain is MP with $700~

3 limps (including villain in MP)
Hero raises to $25 with KsQs
BB and 3 limpers call $25

Flop Kc 6d 3s
Table checks to Hero who bets $75
Villain calls $75 everyone else folds

Turn 9d
Villain bets $150
Hero calls $150

River Kh
Villain bets $100
Hero calls $100

What do we put villain on here? Any criticisms of hero's play? (specifically should we be folding the turn?)

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TimDawg    United States. Dec 22 2015 06:59. Posts 10169

I would raise a bit bigger pre (not a huge deal though). Also would go smaller on flop. You only need to bet something like $35-$50ish imo.

Def prefer raising river smallish for value as opposed to flatting. Jamming is also probably OK. Villain's sizing (to me) indicates that he has a hand he's trying to get value from but is somewhat scared/hesitant to check and face a large bet. So I think you'll see some worse Kx, bluffs and the random funny stuff that live players show up with.

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YoMeR   United States. Dec 22 2015 07:03. Posts 12371

i think river flat might be ok. but I think i like something like an exploitative minraise too for the lul get him to call any pair.

eZ Life. 

Kashll   United States. Dec 23 2015 01:10. Posts 2

Villain ended showing up with 66

My initial thought was that we are just unlucky to hit the top of his range and should be happy that we didn't lose more money.

The only thing that makes me wonder is that he flatted flop on a dry board and then fired a substantial turn value bet when the board didn't obviously improve anything. Can we make any sick lay-downs here, or is folding completely outside of our vocabulary given that the pot is laying us 3:1 with a good top pair hand. Probably things like KJ or Kx diamonds or maybe a misplayed pocket pair (or completely floating the flop and bluffing turn) are part of his range so we can't ever fold with these pot odds?

YoMeR   United States. Dec 23 2015 02:17. Posts 12371

You aren't the one making a mistake here..villain is with his bitch betting. He let u off easy

eZ Life. 


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