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Unofficial [New TV shows] thread - Page 2

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uiCk   Canada. Sep 02 2012 01:57. Posts 3517

god damn newsroom got bad after 1 episode. Looked promising, until they decided to cut the focus on the actual running of a modern news room, the focus on the actual news, and make all the show about inter character drama garbage. disguised soap opera.

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TheHuHu3   United States. Sep 02 2012 02:26. Posts 5544

I'm hearing people either hate Newsroom or love it... But seems like everyone loves Boss.

TheHuHu4 coming soon :) 

waga   United Kingdom. Sep 02 2012 03:14. Posts 2375

Newsroom and boss are great.
House of lies is incredibly bad.

c4rnage   . Sep 03 2012 00:53. Posts 409

so...its Suits and Boss ?

qwerty67890   New Zealand. Sep 05 2012 06:33. Posts 14026

Counting Cars

its Danny from Counts Kustoms, who is always on Pawn Stars whenever they look at a vehicle - its basically a cross of pawn stars / american restoration for cars.

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Dec 18 2012 05:26. Posts 4238

bump. Anyone seen The thick of it? It's already on to it's 4th season.

'The thick of it' Is basically a tv show that has turned swearing into an artform. It's a comedy that follows the members of british government and it's filmed in documentary style kind of like the office. It's also very re-watchable because it's hard to take in everything in one viewing.

Aparrently they tried to remake a US version but it was really bad so it never got past a pilot episode.

They also had a movie spinoff

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TheLink   Australia. Dec 18 2012 05:30. Posts 406

I'm loving Copper but everyone else hates it.

Also Revolution is shit.

Joeingram1   United States. Dec 18 2012 07:10. Posts 943

Don't sleep on Revenge

whamm!   Albania. Dec 18 2012 07:51. Posts 11625

is last resort any good?

(its bad, dont watch)

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whamm!   Albania. Feb 14 2013 19:17. Posts 11625

Netflix series (13 episodes out so far on torr*nt)

Arrow (surprisingly decent enough for a superhero series)

American Horror story (not as good as season 1 but if you're a fan of the genre its ok)

Im caught between calling this thing not good, but i was still able to finish season 1, season 2 was shite tho

Mariuslol   Norway. Feb 15 2013 15:07. Posts 4741

the house of cards looks cool, tried checking tvtorrents and only 2 episodes out of the new show here, am I missing something? You wrote 13, is the 13 some old episodes ?

Mariuslol   Norway. Feb 15 2013 15:08. Posts 4741

oh, now I found 3 more on bay

whamm!   Albania. Feb 15 2013 19:04. Posts 11625

piratebay son. it has 13 out already

Mariuslol   Norway. Feb 15 2013 20:03. Posts 4741

Thanks dad

Mariuslol   Norway. Feb 15 2013 20:12. Posts 4741

I must say, Kevin is a pretty awesome actor.

whamm!   Albania. Feb 15 2013 20:38. Posts 11625

yes. one of those guys who makes you want to sit through any movie they're in

whamm!   Albania. Mar 02 2013 22:51. Posts 11625

Show's gritty, violent plus some sexxing. One of the year's sleeper gems on tv.
(update: not too sure about this one now, its not that it's a terrible show after 2 episodes, its just that, i dunno, i feel the dialogues are kinda cheesy and the fight scenarios a bit too unrealistic. well you guys be the judge)

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whamm!   Albania. Mar 04 2013 20:41. Posts 11625

damn i hope they dont fuck this up! episode 1 just out. so far it can turn out great ( cross fingers)

whamm!   Albania. Aug 30 2015 01:15. Posts 11625

finally all 10 episodes are out on you know...great fucking show
escobar is nacimiento from tropa de elite . narration plus subtitles plus locations make this feel so authentic

lucky331   . Aug 30 2015 14:55. Posts 1124

Looks good. Thanks.


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