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Brad Booth is busto/gambling degen

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Garfed   Malta. Jun 10 2012 06:14. Posts 4818

Quite hilarious how another recognizable name in poker turns out to be a all-time busto guy that has gambling problem.

It all started with WCGrider posting a thread on 2+2 informing he's been scammed by Brad Booth:

    Poker Player Brad Booth stole ~$28,000 from Me
    I recently had the misfortune of coming across brad booth via one of my friends. He was playing in some of the higher stakes games at the wynn, and Brad told him that he was looking to get back into playing online. At the time he had something like $50,000 on him, as a rough estimate that I was given by my friend. My friend had been hanging out with him a bit outside of poker and they had gotten dinner several times. I was relayed the information that Brad Booth was looking for a transfer for lock poker. I asked him if he thought it was safe to transfer. He told me that he wasnt really sure, but that Brad did have a lot of money on him so it seemed like it would be ok. With this information I sent Brad $13,000 online for what was presumably $13,000 cash. He wanted more, but i declined as i was looking to limit my risk.

    Brad then gave my friend an envelope with $13,000 cash, which was given to me. Then Brad asked if he could get a bigger transfer. It seemed to me like it was safer, with the first transfer being successful. At this point he asked for ~$30,000, which I sent him online. Several days later, when we were trying to reach an agreement on when to meet up and transfer, he told me the unfortunate news via text message. The messages are long and rambly, but we eventually agreed to meet up and discuss things. When we met up, he told me the unsettling news of many of his other debts, how little money he has, and the inside scoop on many additional things. I told him if he continues to work with me and stay in contact, and make some small payments at a time, that we can work things out. He agreed, and a week later made me a payment of $2,200. However since then, he has left the country, changed his phone number, and has started completely ignoring me.

    Im not really looking for sympathy, its a ****ty situation and I wish things hadnt gone this direction. I am very unfamiliar with the live poker arena, and i have now been informed this is somewhat standard for Brad. I guess i made a mistake in trusting someone because i had seen them play in "high stakes" poker and had heard he had money on him.

    I know of many of Brads Debts, and i have some other information about him as well. I also have our complete text message log. Unless Brad finds a way to get into contact with me I will be releasing this information. I feel like this should have happened a long time ago, but many people worried about not seeing payment havent come out and outed him. Im not going to take this approach. Brad is a scammer and a thief, and if this had happened earlier perhaps it would of saved me $27,800, so hopefully if this saves someone else some money, then its worth it.

    Brad Booth was seen playing online ~2 weeks later at 10/20 plo on stars. I can only imagine something similar had happened in that scenario. He was also playing with me in some of the las vegas games with money that he had on a stake, while he owed me the money. Any information that can be offered as to the whereabouts or contact information that results in me seeing additional money back will not go unrewarded.

    I want my money Brad, and im not going to just stay quiet until i am paid or the world knows what a scumbag you truly are.

Obviously a chaos occurs and soon after we have a heart breaking apology from Brad Booth:

Stuff like this makes it so scary to borrow cash to anyone ;/

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SakiSaki    Sweden. Jun 10 2012 08:43. Posts 9685

I thought Brad Booth has been known as a broke degen for years

what wackass site is this nigga?  

qwerty67890   New Zealand. Jun 10 2012 08:49. Posts 14026

  On June 10 2012 07:43 SakiSaki wrote:
I thought Brad Booth has been known as a broke degen for years


common knowledge Brad Booth was busto degen

Achoo   Canada. Jun 10 2012 09:26. Posts 1454

Holy shit, Booth has a serious gambling addiction, he should seek professionnal help and I think that was more an sos than a real apology... Wow when I see people like him, I'm happy to enjoy the game w/o putting on the line my whole life. Jeez, this is scary shit right there.

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DustySwedeDude   Sweden. Jun 10 2012 09:35. Posts 8623

  On June 10 2012 07:49 byrnesam wrote:
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common knowledge Brad Booth was busto degen

Wasn't there like running jokes about this a few years back?

Jelle   Belgium. Jun 10 2012 10:21. Posts 3476

This just makes me wonder about these things ethically.

I may be completely wrong but is it correct that a lot of being a degen is not really something you control, but rather ur brain chemistry?

I'm not saying he shouldn't be accountable of course, but couldn't we have some kind of compassionate system where people are barred from betting more than 5% of their assets on a single flip or whatever


Jelle   Belgium. Jun 10 2012 10:28. Posts 3476

I mean in the bar if u try to drink urself into a coma the bartender will eventually stop serving u and take care of drunken bsns even though he could make a couple more bucks selling u a few more drinks

I think thats even expected of a bartender but in a casino it seems like no one is looking out for u... I guess because its harder to tell hes in danger but still


Jelle   Belgium. Jun 10 2012 10:41. Posts 3476

LOL i clicked through to a hilarious video, expert analysis of poker tells from HSP


TimDawg    United States. Jun 10 2012 10:51. Posts 10197

how hard is it to just say NO?

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RiKD    United States. Jun 10 2012 11:27. Posts 8397

i didn't read OP but if wcg rider was don corleone i don't think he would be out any money.

also irt to ethics:

if we kidnapped brad booth and threw him in jail he would probably be bored and want to gamble but as long as we took care of him he wouldn't die so in conclusion, he is free and responsible for making bad choices.

barbieman   Sweden. Jun 10 2012 11:29. Posts 2132

Very expert commentary indeed, every action that isn't instant and the player contemplates at all apparently means they're weak.
Nice shove for almost 6x pot.

dogmeat   Czech Republic. Jun 10 2012 12:05. Posts 6374

no idea who this guy is

ban baal 

Achoo   Canada. Jun 10 2012 12:05. Posts 1454

  On June 10 2012 09:51 TimDawg wrote:
how hard is it to just say NO?

That's the point of addictions, isn't it ? Or do you mean say no to his transfer request ?

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NMcNasty    United States. Jun 10 2012 12:42. Posts 2039

They're both Canadian right? Seems like for that amount you could take legal action instead of just whining in 2+2.

JonnyCosMo   United States. Jun 10 2012 13:14. Posts 7292

"Say I win.... $500,000"

Yea lets say that rofl

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locoo   Peru. Jun 10 2012 15:05. Posts 4561

Also chuckled there lol, And he says that like it's no big deal, hes definetly trapped in the past.

bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte bitte 

YoMeR   United States. Jun 10 2012 15:12. Posts 12435

haha i'd assume the majority of live pros are degenerate busto gamblers...just cuz you're good at poker doesn't mean you're holding onto all your winnings.

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Xervean   United States. Jun 10 2012 16:11. Posts 682

My question is... how did he lose the 43K online? He must have done another transfer so he could get more cash at the Casino ponzi scheme style. This is outright grand larceny theft. Who in their right mind would ever stake this fool 100k in the WSOP? Probably the same retards who continue staking Chino Rheem. I mean you put in "Chino Rheem" in google and the first thing you get is "Scammer" and "Thief". I don't understand this at all...

Jun   Croatia. Jun 10 2012 16:45. Posts 825

What if he loses everything at WSOP which seems very likely since playing with scared money really affects ur game

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PuertoRican   United States. Jun 10 2012 19:29. Posts 13014

I love sincere videos like this, they're a real boost in confidence and self esteem. It lets people know that there's always someone who's more stupid, lazy, and fucked up with their life decisions than you.

I'm not in a fucked up situation with my life, but, somehow after watching Booth's video, it made me feel better to know that I seem to have it pretty good when compared to that guy.


p.s. Booth said the following after he said he said he had a place to stay at WSOP and has a $100k backing:

"The last 4 years have been so super difficult, and I've had many-a-chances to get my life back together after the UB scandal. ...wipes snot from his nose while making a squishy sound... And I've seemed to fail in every opportunity, which is very concerning."

If I was his backer, I'd not lend him any money, especially after saying that.

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