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HOT: every LiquidPoker members gets highest rakeback at PartyPoker for the entire first month!

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Defrag   Poland. Aug 29 2017 18:47. Posts 4627

Check the unique offer, thanks to which you can get maximum rakeback (40% from software) on PartyPoker LiquidPoker for a month, no matter how much you rake! With this, all new accounts will get at least 52.5% rakeback for the first month (40% from software + 12.5% from first deposit bonus and MORE from our free Playstation 4 promo). If you were looking for time to move to PartyPoker, it's now.

When creating an account on PartyPoker via LiquidPoker you could always have counted on the best offer. Naturally it has evolved over time. A new privilege is the option to get the maximum rakeback for a month period.

The special offer is active since Monday, August 28th.
Every LiquidPoker player who activates their account after that (thus makes a deposit) and ticks the opt-in box for rakeback at PartyPoker, is going to receive 40% (MAXIMUM possible) rakeback for a month, no matter how much rake he makes. Yes, no minimum limit - even if you rake 1$, you will receive 40% rakeback. Players who do it at the very start till 31st August can count on as many as 5 weeks with priority rakeback. Surely something worth fighting for, right? In one full month you get some nice value!

The second installment of rakeback (for a total of 40%) over the reguraly earned amount will be send directly to your account few days after you receive the regular one.

After the special period is over players will go back to standard type of counting rakeback. You can still get 40% RB weekly if you collect enough points, though. Check the great rakeback programme that PartyPoker and LiquidPoker has to offer: Special private LiquidPoker rakeback offer for PartyPoker.

The special 40% rakeback offer works TOGETHER with our private offer from the link above!

For new players who create their accounts on PartyPoker through LiquidPoker website (link), there are some unique bonuses:
• Bonus worth 100% of up to $500
• A chance to take part in exclusive tournaments organised by us and our partners
• A chance to get PlayStation 4 game system for points as well
• Additional rakeback from LiquidPoker - click for info
• 40% rakeback from the software - for VIP Diamond Club members 50%
• Reload bonus of 100% up to $500$ - if necessary

You can create an account at PartyPoker with LiquidPoker by clicking on the banner below! Grab your 100% up to $500, free PlayStation 4 and over 50% rakeback for grinders (more details: extra rakeback from LiquidPoker at PartyPoker)

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Defrag   Poland. Aug 29 2017 18:57. Posts 4627

So yeah, anyone raking under 100$ per month will still get:
40% rb
12.5% from first depo
5% from us on net revenue - click for info
= 57.5% real rakeback total :D

Raking ~3k$ per month u get:
40% rb
12.5% first depo
3-4% from PS4 promo
13% extra from LP on net revenue
= Ship it holla balla :D

any regs still at PokerStars ?:D

sTrAtO   Mexico. Aug 29 2017 21:01. Posts 5882

So this is just for new accounts right? Existing accounts work under the same deal they were initially funded ?

-Karla:Mira, tu película! -Yo: cuál? -Karla: Big Fish! jaja 

Defrag   Poland. Aug 29 2017 22:33. Posts 4627

  On August 29 2017 20:01 sTrAtO wrote:
So this is just for new accounts right? Existing accounts work under the same deal they were initially funded ?

Yeah, 40% rb is just for new accounts, and works only for first month after the account deposits.

This is to compensate for the removal of few promos that older accounts could have taken advantage of


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