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Caught a Burglar

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CamilaPunt   Brasil. Nov 27 2011 21:45. Posts 2420
heres the story:
Part 1
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Part 2
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part 2.1

I ended up passing out in the afternoon, when I woke up my wife had gone out and babysitter would be leaving shortly which means I had to stay with my baby and could not go visit my sis to see the updates

as far i know police chief + lawyer+ sis all met up
lawyer called burglar and burglar is agreeing to payup money apparently and asked that my sister write him a receipt of receiving back the stolen money
what is hilarious as well is that we said he owed like ~10k dollars but then he is like no the total was like ~9.2k dollars and my sis is like 'oh snap he is probably right cause i remember spending like x amount of the money for some bills or something' . The lawyer quickly agrees to write this receipt as it has really no effect. They all agreed for tomorrow morning for this money to be given and afterwards she would go to the police station with the police chief...

some extras that i recall are

Lawyer is not charging anything which is extremely generous. He comes from a very rich family and has just married into an even richer family but still very nice of him. He doesn't even know my sister till today.

Everyone here when dealing with important figures tend to call them 'doctor' as a respectful thing, so the lawyer was like 'doctor' to the police chief and she after finding out his name is like 'hey i know who you and your family are please call me by first name' which i found amusing.

Next steps of interrogation will be coming up as the video of him breaking entry he seems to have the key to the apartment -- how did he get the key-- possible doormen involvement in this as well... also when talking to him personally the guy seems fairly normal --> what the hell was his motivation to do this stuff? Clepto or necessity or what? Cause he comes from a middle-upper class family which is just bizarre.

The whole process is going really slow in my eyes.

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RiKD    United States. Nov 27 2011 22:15. Posts 7755

pretty crazy. i was gonna ask how the mob works in brazil but i guess the cops will take care of that if you want.

can you find out if the parents are delusional and think their son is a special snowflake or if they realize he's a fuck up loser and care about their dignity?

it sounds like their parents are probably well connected though and have a lot of money. i don't see this working out well unless they are afraid of getting embarrassed or sick of throwing money at their fuck up son's problems.

hope everything works out well. rooting for your sister to get her money back and the punk to get his ass beat by the cops or the mob with promises of worse if it happens again.

tapatapaz   Brasil. Nov 27 2011 22:24. Posts 1279

q merda pqp.. i dont know if i could add anything valuable to this but weirdly enough it came to me it would be cool to somehow take everything of value out of the apartment, wait for him to show up and somehow lock him in there forcing him to ask for help

And what does self awareness have to do with anything you retard? srsly stfu. - baal 

player999   Brasil. Nov 27 2011 23:26. Posts 7978

threaten to kill him if he doesnt give it all back
and if he doesnt hire someone for that

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Mariuslol   Norway. Nov 28 2011 05:14. Posts 4742

I hope it's not Tutz

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julep   Australia. Nov 28 2011 05:38. Posts 1274

wow...i would love to see the tape

CamilaPunt   Brasil. Nov 28 2011 05:54. Posts 2420

ill definitely post video once things are more clear

shortly we are going to his moms apartment and doing the threat

positive sides for us
1) yes he seems like a thug but we have a great bonus here of having the video and its very embarrassing for the family

2) this lawyer is the bomb -- he comes from a family of lawyers back in the day when lawyers were gun slingers lol and the stories I have heard of his family are quite epic

Eluflop   Estonia. Nov 28 2011 06:09. Posts 3835

yeah , i think you guys have to move asap if you probably want to see the money.
Violence and pain is always a helping facktor in this rather tricky spot =). gl man !

D_smart_S   Bulgaria. Nov 28 2011 08:33. Posts 688

tell the parents of the giant douche that unless they return the money you will show the tape to each neighbor and tell them that not only is the son a burglar but also the parents are douchebags for not giving back the money. Also add that you will make flyers and put them on every tree with a picture of their son and a screenshot of the burglar and a small comment that he is a burglar.

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tutz   Brasil. Nov 28 2011 09:13. Posts 2140

  On November 27 2011 21:15 RiKD wrote:
pretty crazy. i was gonna ask how the mob works in brazil but i guess the cops will take care of that if you want.

the biggest mob here is our own government
watch "elite squad 1" and "elite squad 2" and you will understand

SpasticInk   Sweden. Nov 28 2011 11:33. Posts 6298


SpasticInk   Sweden. Nov 28 2011 11:34. Posts 6298

GL to you and your sister though! Hope you get your money back.

RiKD    United States. Nov 28 2011 12:18. Posts 7755

yeah, was gonna add that i hope the lawyer gets his cut. seems badass and competent instead of seedy, greedy bloodsucking vampire.

care to share any stories? a bunch of maverick lawyers takin care of business in brazil would be an amazing show.

CamilaPunt   Brasil. Nov 28 2011 14:12. Posts 2420

just updated original post

k4ir0s   Canada. Nov 28 2011 16:13. Posts 3473

I dont know what a dt drop is. Is it a wrestling move? -Oly 

RiKD    United States. Nov 28 2011 16:22. Posts 7755

  On November 28 2011 15:13 k4ir0s wrote:

CamilaPunt   Brasil. Nov 28 2011 17:32. Posts 2420

update 2.1

RiKD    United States. Nov 28 2011 19:59. Posts 7755

i bet his wife is super attractive and great in bed (or at least super attractive for him) and he can't keep up with his burn rate unless he subsidizes with crime. his business (or drug dealing or trust fund or credit) not doing as well or his parents no longer subsidizing him would be my guess.

HBO should make a show about this lawyer. what a hero.

Drakk   Canada. Nov 28 2011 20:45. Posts 1199

Interesting story.
  On November 28 2011 10:33 SpasticInk wrote:

Expect the worst, hope for the best 

goose58   United States. Nov 29 2011 02:13. Posts 871

Could be a bump key.


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