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whos drinking

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BangYu   United States. May 14 2011 00:51. Posts 251
anyone drinking tonight and is a lone line my lonely ass and wants to talk about bull fkin shin hit me up, ill send you my facebook or wat the fucik ever

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dogmeat   Czech Republic. May 14 2011 00:52. Posts 6374


ban baal 

Arirang   Canada. May 14 2011 01:05. Posts 1673

YuBang means titties in Korean.

BangYu   United States. May 14 2011 01:09. Posts 251

dogmeat, you sound like u need a pal ehh

BangYu   United States. May 14 2011 01:12. Posts 251

im lookin for friends to talk to and bs around around here. Lately i work fkin 12 hours a day and every saturday so no time to go out and shit like i used to

PuertoRican   United States. May 14 2011 01:58. Posts 12894

If you're that bored, GSL code S finals starts in 11 minutes:

Rekrul is a newbLast edit: 14/05/2011 01:59

qwerty67890   New Zealand. May 14 2011 04:54. Posts 14026

today on the radio i heard some cop with a broom up his ass talking about how you dont have to get shit-faced to have a good time saying "you dont have to be the first one to vomit at a party or make an idiot of yourself to have a good time"

that dude obv never got invited to any parties.

gettin shit faced, pukin, bein an idiot then passin out

El_Tanque   United States. May 14 2011 11:15. Posts 360

^heard dat

GoTuNk   Chile. May 14 2011 17:54. Posts 2860

agree with byrnesam

BangYu   United States. May 15 2011 01:16. Posts 251

jesus i dont even remember making this thread

Ket    United Kingdom. May 15 2011 11:52. Posts 8665

^ lol

basementkid   . May 15 2011 17:41. Posts 191

lol drank for 5 days straight. Thank you greek week


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