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D_Zoo   Canada. Apr 28 2011 13:02. Posts 4013
Haven't updated this thing in a long time.

I got injured and haven't trained hard for over 7 months which I went from a somewhat lean 221 pounds to looking fat and gross and a lot weaker =(
(I had been at my strongest right before I was injured - which tend to coincide haha I can list any weights I used for anyone who cares)
This is def the fattest I have ever been

Had an injured shoulder and some forearm/elbow problems so coulda done cardio and legs but opted to eat like shit and do nothing but play poker. Worked out well in the fact I did well and ended up buying a new house, but now its time to get back in shape. I thought of doing some before/after photos (as some of u know I once did a couple fitness model gigs lol and just looked at those pictures and compared them to now).

So today starts new diet and a workout program, not really excited to start, which is funny since I played sports and worked out all my life. Hard to get back into it now that I'm older and everything hurts haha. Doing more circuit style training combined with boxing shit for now until I can increase my strength and cardio. Diet is still pretty non-strict to ease into it and I still have a very fast metabolism (I was eating 4kish calories a day for a long time).

If anyone wants to talk diet or working out I am always down for that. Or wants to know some of the workouts in detail. I saw a few blog posts re: 300 workouts and that shit. Those workouts definitely will work if ur goal is to get into really good shape and be visually appealing. They don't work so well for an already muscular guy to get bigger.

AS for poker, I have been playing a ton (outside of moving) for the last 7 months as mentioned and done well, which is always good. I play on euro sites so hopefully nothing happens to them in the future. I haven't been coaching much in the 7 months. I had a few students but now with the PS/FTP thing with US players I have lots of room if anyone is interested in lessons. I changed my prices awhile back as I started doing lower stake lessons as well. so 100nl+ is $113 and under 50nl is $75 for anyone interested. I had to cash off most of my online BR to help pay for the house so went back to 1/2 but did real well right away which was nice and was up to 5/10 and 10/20 again. Dropped about 12k to start this month but back in the green now (after dropping 10/20 hehe). 10/20 is like my arch nemesis, yet I have a pretty good lifetime 5knl wr.

I'm not going to UFC this weekend, which is a surprise but having just bought a house it was tough to drop $1100 on a seat (I had a coupel lined up that were obv sick seats and a decent deal at that price sadly) so just gonna have people over to watch it. I think GSP will win and hope he really lets go standing so we can all be reminded of his sick kicks combined with his new boxing talents. I've seen SHields fight a few times and he didn't really look as good as his skills would indicate imo but he obv has super talent and its scary to think he could keep getting better if he puts it all together. Pierson is fighting and I went to uni with him. He was a Canadian champ wrestler and super tough so look for him and Ellenberger to have a beauty fight and I would think he has value at +180.

and yes....I still love Lesnar =)

GL to all!!! and hope u Americans have things sorted out for u soon so u can get back to playing

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teej1985    United Kingdom. Apr 28 2011 13:29. Posts 716

bringing back the super d_zoo!

fuck mee... fuck U! 

K40Cheddar   United States. Apr 28 2011 13:35. Posts 2202



gawdawaful   Canada. Apr 28 2011 13:40. Posts 9012

fucking Jack Cust

Im only good at poker when I run good 

EvilSky    Czech Republic. Apr 28 2011 13:44. Posts 8915

I actually got much healthier lately but was doing way better at poker when i was a piece of shit, so be careful its a bit of a tradeoff :/

cool to see ur playing hardcore again, and yeah 10/20 is way tougher than 25/50 for some reason, i was always getting raped there too.

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YoMeR   United States. Apr 28 2011 14:10. Posts 12435

PM me your aim/msn I'd love to chat with you on diet/exercising ideas. (mostly dieting)

I'm getting fat as fuck and it's getting harder and harder to exercise as i'm working longer and longer hours each week (60-80+ hrs on avg)

I know i'm going to reach a dangerous level of health a few years down the road if this keeps up. Obv i gotta get off my lazy ass and actually do it but some tips and some new perspective would be nice.

eZ Life. 

Balzamon   Sweden. Apr 28 2011 15:26. Posts 2868

got any pictures of your new house? =)

RaiNKhAN    United States. Apr 28 2011 15:56. Posts 4080

yo just keep making these comebacks every 7-8 months and we'll keep eating it up son

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Arirang   Canada. Apr 28 2011 16:34. Posts 1673

Wow, you are a hero. I might hit you up some time in the future if I feel like I've hit a wall. Hopefully you are available then. For the record, how long are these lesson sessions?

Arirang   Canada. Apr 28 2011 16:37. Posts 1673

double post cuz shit interwebz ><

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TheHuHu3   United States. Apr 28 2011 17:19. Posts 5544

I've been bodybuilding for over five years (natty) and if you want to talk about about diets / workouts just hit me up.

TheHuHu4 coming soon :) 

SPEWTARD   Peru. Apr 28 2011 17:21. Posts 4306

congratulations on the house and gl with all <3

Rise and Shine 

VanDerMeyde   Norway. Apr 28 2011 18:08. Posts 5108

  On April 28 2011 12:44 EvilSky wrote:
I actually got much healthier lately but was doing way better at poker when i was a piece of shit, so be careful its a bit of a tradeoff :/

cool to see ur playing hardcore again, and yeah 10/20 is way tougher than 25/50 for some reason, i was always getting raped there too.

Its like this for me too. Why is it like that ? (about doing better when beeing a piece of shit)


Highcard   Canada. Apr 28 2011 18:16. Posts 5428

Sent you a pm and congrats on the house, is it more baller than Fayth's?

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The M Show   Canada. Apr 28 2011 19:32. Posts 278

really like your vids on have a pretty neat style imo. I will probably be contacting you in the future for coaching Do you take FR students? PM me.

intown   Belgium. Apr 28 2011 20:13. Posts 121

  On April 28 2011 14:26 Balzamon wrote:
got any pictures of your new house with you shirtless? =)

Bejamin1   Canada. Apr 29 2011 02:40. Posts 7042

Hit me up with your PM if you want to talk diet/exercise/poker.

I'm actually in the middle of a situation very similar to yours. I'm 5'11 and was 165 with 6% bodyfat for more or less my whole life being very involved in sports. Then all of a sudden in 3rd year University it was just a dead stop for two years ballooned right up to 205 and I don't even have an injury to blame .

Down to 180 now and still clawing my way back. Getting started again was the hardest part but obviously once you get into it things just go. I intend to try and get much stronger once I drop the fat and get back down to 165. I always had trouble getting bigger than that despite getting marginally stronger in terms of lifts - probably do to not realizing split routines can still cause significant over-training.

Good luck with the training and congrats on the new house!

Sorry dude he Jason Bourned me. -Johnny Drama 

Exhilarate   United States. Apr 29 2011 02:51. Posts 5453

congrats on the house dude, always doing big things.

PuertoRican   United States. Apr 29 2011 03:38. Posts 13059

Welcome back.

As for Lesnar, it's a shame that the UFC heavyweight class is only 25 fighters strong. Luckily the heavyweight division is slowly building up a few fighters who will be ready to step into the "top 5" area where all the same guys keep fighting each other. Keep hope alive.

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Twisted    Netherlands. Apr 29 2011 07:47. Posts 10422


Pics of house would be nice. I'm looking for a new house myself.


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