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This is what I call BAD luck.

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ak2009   Sweden. Dec 15 2010 05:59. Posts 9
Was playing a tourney last night and I was getting some amazing hands, in the first 15 hands dealt to me I had J to be called as the lowest card.

This is where the luck comes into play, calling or raising assuming that I have the best hand on a table of 10 morons the board will run dry on me every time I raise. Then I started limping in just to see the flop, and one of the morons would raise so much that I even folded ma Ks and As.. What a bad night…

Hand to die for but the flop to kill for….. Was busted just out of the money pool…

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Robinson47   United Kingdom. Dec 15 2010 06:05. Posts 987

but who will play you in the movie?

Sanity   United States. Dec 15 2010 06:11. Posts 1076


PplusAD   Germany. Dec 15 2010 06:14. Posts 7127


U see what i did there with A8 ? He 4 bets and there we go insta jam A8 : ---booooom -- . hahahaha ( Krantz) 

a_money55   United States. Dec 15 2010 06:15. Posts 471

In English?

[Insert Quote Here] 

edzwoo   United States. Dec 15 2010 06:35. Posts 5911


MiPwnYa    Brasil. Dec 15 2010 08:30. Posts 5227

finally some quality content on LP

Zep   United States. Dec 15 2010 09:07. Posts 2292

  On December 15 2010 05:15 a_money55 wrote:
In English?

i'm really good at poker and i have a really cool story for you. actually it's not good at all, and i don't have a clue about what i'm talking about.

NeillyJQ: I really wanted to prove to myself I could beat NL200, I did over a small sample, and believe Ill be crushing there in the future. 

SPEWTARD   Peru. Dec 15 2010 12:24. Posts 4292

awesome story. hang in there bro

Rise and Shine 

NighTLesS15   United States. Dec 15 2010 12:32. Posts 241

love the part about him limp folding his AA and KK cause of big raisors

Frinkx: 1k on mario cart? PoorUser: Snap call  

thumbz555   United States. Dec 15 2010 17:01. Posts 3281

I click buttons. 


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