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Need PS for FTP

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BeMannerPenner   . Dec 12 2010 11:15. Posts 1030
Yo, havent been here in a long time. had to cash out pretty much all my bankroll due to RL reasons and had no time to play poker.

Now i wanna play abit again mostly for fun and to get back into it. since i noticed that i still have like 15k fpp on PS but only have like 20 $ there and no vip status i want to get my remaning 48$ from ftp to PS

so if anyone wanna help pls pm me. can offer 3$ for your trouble (45$ ps for 48 ftp). will send first to known/oldschool members.

maybe ill report in a month or so how a former NL100 player does on lowest micro tables ~

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one teddy two teddy 

Spicy   United States. Dec 12 2010 17:22. Posts 1027

take aggressive shots

BeMannerPenner   . Dec 12 2010 18:08. Posts 1030

and why would that be smart when my main goal is to get vip status to spend my fpps?

one teddy two teddy 


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