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US PS3 owners

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Bowman87   . Nov 11 2010 15:40. Posts 5
HEllo everyone,
it's a shame that I've no post and only leeching some epic treads here (such obviously is ROFL thread). It's because i'm mainly using account at polish LP site.

I'm writing to you with some request.
At the beginning of 2010 i was able to purchase items on PS3 PSN US store with my neteller card. Unfortunately I can't do this anymore . There is a solution - PSN cards. Is there anyone who is using those? It would be awesome to buy some and send me just the code(i wish i could buy some via internet without paying shipping a piece of paper to Poland). I will send the money first for obvious reason

PM me.

PS. I'm truly sorry for my grammar

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Carthac   United States. Nov 11 2010 16:26. Posts 1343

This guy seems legit

AdamTheFox   United States. Nov 11 2010 17:23. Posts 49

^ lol, wp carthac.

i never make deals. - F4Zi 

vlseph   United States. Nov 11 2010 17:43. Posts 3026

there is another solution. use your credit card.

The only hands a nit balances in his range are the nuts, the second nuts, and the third nuts. 

Bowman87   . Nov 11 2010 17:54. Posts 5

^ As I said, I cannot use my credit card anymore.

I can use this card in stores, but not in US PSN

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vltava   United States. Nov 11 2010 21:01. Posts 1742

No Target stores in Poland? Bad beat.

tooker: there is very little money in stts.  


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