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Yaaaaaaaaaa fuck u plo

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Joeingram1   United States. Oct 18 2010 09:53. Posts 943
Idk what the fuck runs threw my mind sometimes and why the fuck I play like a fucking moron. Whatever I run bad when I lose this but I also play like a fucking idiot. I already know this will result in me losing a ridiculous amount of money and yet I play like an idiot. I know I should stop down at a certain point yet I act like an irresponsible fucking moron. How is it possible I can be such a sick grinder yet such a fucking idiot at the same time is beyond me. You would think after the 25th time I would learn yet learn I never do.

First session of the day I play pretty well, make a few K. Next session I luckbox my way to up a few dollars after being down 3k+. Last session I play similar style to second session and things do not go my way, ggggggggggggggggggg money

This month: 146,447
This year: 682,644

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whamm!   Albania. Oct 18 2010 10:05. Posts 11625

heh have you seen attybubba's graph? 100bi in 1 month then -70bi down then 70bi up then now -200bi down and counting?
i feel sad for my countryman but yes, wish you all the luck joe, you can dooooo it!

to make you feel better:

Eluflop   Estonia. Oct 18 2010 10:41. Posts 3821

Well obv this sucks balls (hairy), but play through it, I have a shitty month as well

Joeingram1   United States. Oct 18 2010 10:46. Posts 943

Thanks gentlemen, somehow Im actually still up for the month at PLO, but not by much. I set a 3k stop loss for my sessions for now on or I have to ship 20 people 200 dollars. should help right??

Exhilarate   United States. Oct 18 2010 12:55. Posts 5453

gl in future sessions brah, stop loss should be good for u

AcroN   Norway. Oct 18 2010 13:01. Posts 568

Sounds like your sometimes to hung up in playing a set amount of hours, no matter how you play. It's probably part of why you're able to grind out such insane amounts of hands. But seems like you need to be more strick with yourself when you should stop, because at some point you should realize playing more hands will acctually cost you money, even considering RB and all the other benefits the x amount of extra hands gives you.

Maybe the ship 20 people 200$ will help you as a discipline thing after you experince the suffering of having to ship it out once or twice hehe. But i dont see why you shouldnt lower it to 5 or 10, as its mostly about the experince and annoyance of having to give away money right?

Maynard!   United States. Oct 18 2010 13:04. Posts 4453

But how much did you win?

Now I really am a busto. Thanks FTP. 

phexac   United States. Oct 18 2010 13:11. Posts 2563

well at least you got a ton of vpps

Nitting it up since 2006 

Svenman87   United States. Oct 18 2010 20:33. Posts 4636

  On October 18 2010 12:04 Maynard! wrote:
But how much did you win?


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