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Quits finally

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Achoo   Canada. May 19 2010 06:42. Posts 1454
I noticed recently that poker affects my mood, when bad beats/suck outs/coolers suddenly happen over and over for no reasons, i get semi-tilted and overall in a bad mood for the whole day. It changes my attitude towards people and i just can't let that happen. It was a hobby for me and i do enjoy playing, but it doesnt worth it, even for the couple of k$ i make a year from this hobby.

So i'm out ! I'd rather do something else that earns me 0 bucks than get in an emotional rollercoaster for scratches... So i will either spend the last 3k left on my account on donkaments for the lulz OR withdraw and go on a nice trip with my friends. Option 2 seems the most ev+, probably will go for that. Anyways, good luck to everybody, won't visit this site anymore except for the ROFL thread. Tchussssss

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anon   Lithuania. May 19 2010 06:43. Posts 5965

good decision as long you can afford it. id quit poker if i could too

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whamm!   Albania. May 19 2010 06:46. Posts 11625

i actually envy people who can quit and be fine with it. gl with life man.

JSquids   United States. May 19 2010 06:48. Posts 1142

afraid of the gambowl monster. i see how it is.

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Nazgul    Netherlands. May 19 2010 08:03. Posts 7080

This seems like a wise choice. gl with everything else!

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P1mpdaddy   Austria. May 19 2010 08:54. Posts 1370

Good decision. I would do it aswell if I wouldn't enjoy it that much.

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kingpowa   France. May 19 2010 09:02. Posts 1525


sorry for shitty english. 

PplusAD   Germany. May 19 2010 09:56. Posts 7180

500 on red if u win -> cash out
if u lose
1000 on red -> win cash out
if u lose

1500 on red -> win and breakeven

-> repeat till u bust or profit ^^

U see what i did there with A8 ? He 4 bets and there we go insta jam A8 : ---booooom -- . hahahaha ( Krantz) 

NighTLesS15   United States. May 19 2010 10:00. Posts 241

idk it bugs me some, but not for a whole day by any means... just play more tables and not look at the results lol, be content with playing the best game you can rather than worrying about the beats that naturally occur

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Silver_nz   New Zealand. May 20 2010 08:37. Posts 5645

nice knowing you and playing with you on stars ages ago when your name was different, let us know what you get into after poker.


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