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iandeezy   United States. Jun 11 2009 03:20. Posts 317
If anyone in the US is willing to order this using FTPs, I am willing to pay cold hard cash for the robe + shipping. Let me know how much you would want!

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You call is all ova baby 

CamilaPunt   Brasil. Jun 11 2009 03:25. Posts 2422

part of the perk if any in stuff like this is to buy it with the points

again.. i say 'if any' hehe

otherwise u might as well buy a black robe and get a chinese women to stitch the ftp logo on for like a total of 15 bucks

heyoka   United States. Jun 11 2009 03:35. Posts 109

Its funnier if the one you own came straight from FTP though

Even if you did buy it second hand

CrownRoyal   United States. Jun 11 2009 03:48. Posts 11385

rofl, why not just buy a better robe?


palak   United States. Jun 11 2009 04:53. Posts 4601

how much cash r u gonna pay, idk the conversion rate?

dont tap the about ready to take a fucking hammer to the aquarium 

matdon460   United States. Jun 11 2009 05:41. Posts 1089

I will send you a FTP sticker for $20 if you supply the robe.

Of course it was a good shove, I won 

SpeedyJack   United States. Jun 11 2009 06:01. Posts 618

rofl i want one too

F4Zi   United Kingdom. Jun 11 2009 10:26. Posts 3462

buy a tom ford robe instead
will set you back a few k thou

My girlfriend started blowing me and then she stopped, I went on tilt and donkey punched her. 


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