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Goal: 250k hands in 49 days

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beethreekay   Ireland. Apr 13 2009 05:37. Posts 147
So it's been a while since I blogged here. Basically, I've gone busto due to tilt and awful bankroll management and need to get back to winning ways soon. I have converted my FPPs into 330T$ and from there into $320.10, and plan to grind from NL10 back to NL100 ASAP. To do this, I have set myself a goal of playing 250k hands by the end of May (49 days). I'm re-starting this blog so I can keep track of progress and force myself to do this. Given I've never played more than 60k hands in one month before, this will be quite tough, but I've few commitments time-wise between now and then, so it's at least possible. Hopefully, in the process, I'll turn a nice profit and get back to stakes where I'm making some decent cash.

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NeillyJQ   United States. Apr 13 2009 07:05. Posts 8947

you're being a little unrealistic in this post.

take your time.

Just remember you need to be god damn sure about their tendencies. -Artanis11 

terrybunny19240   United States. Apr 13 2009 07:29. Posts 13829

ya pretty unlikely, gl though

whamm!   Albania. Apr 13 2009 08:50. Posts 11625

just hope that you don't run into a sick bad patch when going for this goal and you'll be alright.

DustySwedeDude   Sweden. Apr 13 2009 09:01. Posts 8623

Listen to the pogues all the time and you'll be at like NL400 after a week.

Uptown   . Apr 13 2009 09:06. Posts 3557

needs a prop bet to get the motivation up imo!

Half Pot! 

boblion   Andorra. Apr 13 2009 09:10. Posts 354

You are Neilly 2.0

I worship variance but she is a bitch. 

rockman255   Canada. Apr 13 2009 09:45. Posts 4471

not that impossible to do this, but.. you better be a decent grinder.

oh.. not just hands.. you want to jump stakes in a certain timeframe? that's a bad goal.. you should jump stakes based on solid br management :o

rockman255: its not easy being superman U N0 MySteeZ: mega man. rockman255: same thing U N0 MySteeZ: noLast edit: 13/04/2009 09:49

EscapingR   Netherlands. Apr 13 2009 10:27. Posts 2353

its only possible if you don't tilt


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