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7k hands

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BeMannerPenner   . Nov 19 2008 04:32. Posts 1030

graph shows it all.won huge in the first few hands thx to funny guys stacking off against my made hands with midpair&worse. nice -7-8 buyins swing starts with me losing 10+buyins in 2-4 outer suckouts and sets vs flushes(really, im breakeven with sets this day since they sucked out almost every single time.including 4 4flushboards etc). could grind some back, some mroe suckouts whatever. finished up 1 buyin after 7k hands with sucks esp after the very crappy 2 sessions the last 2 days(still down 3-4 buyins for this week after 15k hands)

but atleast i got quite some fpps. only 2,2k fpps to go for my new monitor yay

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lachlan   Australia. Nov 19 2008 04:44. Posts 6991

i miss poker grapher... hem graph sucks :x

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