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How bout dem apples

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RiKD    United States. Sep 10 2017 20:21. Posts 5000
So, I haven't been on this site in 2 days. Nothing really changed. Not one thing I could notice. Which is a shame in a way. I really like this site's poster base? Collection of posters? I think most of us are just at a certain frequency of liking RTS games and poker and many other things in common but with diversity. We are not all that active now however. That is a shame. I remember finding Team Liquid sometime in college and finding poker around that time too like 2004-2005. LP has been here this whole time. I remember it to procrastinate often during college and much entertainment and there were some decent poker discussions back in the day too. I have been using it to vent my thoughts and reveries. I will be looking to do that less in the future. There are personal journals, therapists, and certain friends that actually care for that sort of thing but I will likely miss it. I could vent my thoughts and maybe someone would reply with something interesting. I didn't really care if I was a freak show attraction or not but even just talking about some of this stuff with a friend that cares I have found it to be better. I haven't found another forum to discuss stuff with. I don't really want to leave LP. I have nothing really to complain about. I went up to Columbus, OH to hang out with my brother and sister during Hurricane Irma and I am having a good time. I suppose I could complain about being back on the 2nd shift at a job I don't really like but that just comes down to I am not going to quit until it gets really bad or I have another job lined up. The other problem is in the job search. I don't even really know what I am searching for. Something on day shift and not so mundane would be nice. I will likely always find something to complain about work.

I will switch topics and say going to a farm to pick apples is awesome. Picking one off the tree and eating it is incredible. I also had a PB&J and milk for the first time in forever and it was phenomenal. Amazing apples and peanut butter are an angel's treat as well. Sushi and ice cream. Jimmy John's Beachclub and bbq chips. I have been eating well. There is a lot going on here at the moment and I don't particularly have anything else to say so I will move on with the day. Perhaps slowly moving on with my life as I drift from LP. I guess we are all sort of there. Some have already drifted long ago.

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Loco   Canada. Sep 10 2017 22:55. Posts 19257

What kind of change were you expecting from not visiting a website for two days? I don't get it.

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. (Mencken) 

PuertoRican   United States. Sep 11 2017 07:50. Posts 11112

Rekrul is a newb 

hiems   United States. Sep 11 2017 10:09. Posts 1451

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RiKD    United States. Sep 11 2017 13:48. Posts 5000

  On September 10 2017 21:55 Loco wrote:
What kind of change were you expecting from not visiting a website for two days? I don't get it.

There was perhaps some activity in the General forums but I did not notice it.

SleepyHead   . Sep 12 2017 15:49. Posts 860

Your blog is the only non-mma content left on this site

Dude you some social darwinist ideas that they are giving hitlers ghost a boner - Baal 

hiems   United States. Sep 13 2017 00:37. Posts 1451

^ don't listen to that

Loco   Canada. Sep 13 2017 01:20. Posts 19257

Haha... he's kind of right. If you extend that to the many threads RiKD has created (some of which generated good discussion).

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. (Mencken) 

RiKD    United States. Sep 13 2017 02:52. Posts 5000

My brother is playing Destiny 2 and no one else is around. I would say it was a good visit. Sometimes it does not go quite as planned or expected. I expected to get to talk to my sister a little more but my nephew is always on some range of busy goofball to absolute terror. My sister in law was pretty cool. Sometimes I don't like her when she gets drunk because she gets a little louder and more annoying. This all might be a bit confusing since I have a sister and a brother living in Columbus, OH. My sister is not a lesbian I was just jumping to thoughts on my brother's wife. They both have kids and they both seem like a pain in the ass. I was taking care of my sister's son and needed a nap and some tylenol and that was only taking care of him part of the day. My sister could not come out to eat with us tonight as my nephew was acting up that badly. Basically, you have to take the kid with you when you do anything and then the kid kind of ruins the experience much of the time. It seems pretty horrible.

I was just going through a bunch of books stored in my brother's basement. When did the Kindle come out? How did I read physical books? I have way too many books. I am donating a bunch to a local library. It was even easy to donate books I had read and loved or books that had some sentimental value because fuck it I can just get it on my Kindle. I would rather read it there anyways. Why would I re-read Demons on hardcover in just stupidly small print when it's already on my Kindle? A lot of business books. I was really motivated there for a while to be a real star in the business world or at least regionally in my company. A lot of stuff on marketing and leadership. I just remember being overwhelmed that I am working all these hours and I keep buying these books. How to win in marketing! How to win in leadership! How to be happy! That is really what it can be summed up as. I subscribed to GQ, Wired, MIT Technology Review, Harvard Business Review, et al. Now, how am I supposed to read all of that, work, and have any sort of social life? A life in conflict. In many ways I am happy to be where I am at now when looking back at those times.

The only two poker books I saved were "Ace on the River" by Barry Greenstein and "Mathematics of Poker" by Bill Chen and something Ankenman. There is just something to those books that I can't recreate on a Kindle and obvious sentimental value. Maybe not obvious but they led to some breakthroughs for sure.

I am saving a Feng shway book. I don't even know how to spell it but I am into it.

All in all I refound some cool books. Some books I am excited to read. It was a bit of a trip down memory lane. The times and the places I was reading some of these books. I never read much when I played poker. When I went broke there was a lot of soul searching to be done and I happened upon some gateway books that really opened up my eyes to the wonders of philosophy and literature. I had forgotten what a huge Sartre fan I was and also like a clueless buddhist looking for buddhism in the wrong places. It also brought back some memories when I was holed up in that apartment with my psychotic thoughts with no idea of bipolar 1 or anything. Much of the time it became reality or a coincidence that could be true.

Oh well, I just realized I left some garbage down there that I should clean up and that I have clothes done in the dryer. It is a fitting end to this trip that my brother is happily enjoying Destiny 2 now that his kid is finally asleep and I am just kind of here. My brother and sister in law have their life, my sister and brother in law have their life, and I am here because a hurricane was coming. We got together at points. The kids kind of took precedence over everything as they should and now I am starting to sound bitter. Maybe I just don't like kids. I don't know if people like negative responses to the banal questions like "how are you doing?" or "how is your job going?" I don't think people like negativity in general. It can challenge their positivity or certain views of life at that point in time or perhaps it doesn't matter and it is just best to be honest. If I can just do my best to be honest. As honest as possible I can fend off the monsters in the shadows. That is another thing Peterson gets right. Clean your room and be honest is really one of the best general suggestions I could give someone.

RiKD    United States. Sep 13 2017 02:59. Posts 5000

Oh, I forgot to mention that typically every time I visited LP I would go to facebook after. I think to visit facebook but I de-activated and think "oh yeah" and then have to think of what else there is to do. Sometimes I really liked to go to facebook and just put in a veg out session. It worked out nicely if I had say 10-15 min. to kill. All in all though I just kind of realize how useless facebook is and I am not missing anything. If I want to see how someone is doing I'll give them a call. Do I really need to see pictures of kids of mothers I haven't spoken to since high school? I am glad to be free from that cesspool.

Loco   Canada. Sep 13 2017 14:11. Posts 19257

Good on ya.

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. (Mencken) 


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