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Ideas for an essay in Finance?

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Balzamon   Sweden. Mar 25 2014 20:30. Posts 2868
Hello LP,

I've read some interesting threads about finance here, and I know a bunch of you are interested in topics related to economics and finance specifically. I'm about to try and find an interesting topic for an essay, could be about anything relating to finance, the first step are:

"A description of the research area and a problem
discussion ending up in two specific research
questions: one qualitative and one quantitative."

Should end up in 10-14 pages, not a huge essay but it's a course that is an introduction to how to write my master thesis next semester, and if I manage to pick a really interesting topic already this semester that would be a good start for the thesis. Not an easy task...

I dont read as much articles as I should do, so if anyone have read/know about a really interesting/hot topic feel free to post it, a link to the article/research in question would be great as well. In the end its probably easier if I pick something related with Sweden but all ideas are good

Its the period of annual meetings for companies during spring, and I was thinking perhaps something research related to them since it could be fun to attend a couple, not sure exacly what angel though. For example a friend is going to see how big influence institutional investors have on the meetings, seems like a good idea.

Bitcoin has interested me, and how big a impact a currency with zero transaction costs could have on the economy, but a fairly hard topic to research and many are on it already.

Shoot away, if nothing else I will hopefully get some good financial articles to read.

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21drful   United States. Mar 25 2014 22:51. Posts 400

Interesting topic...the number of community banks around the US has decreased by 50% over the past 15 years. The United States is the only country with over 100 banks; will the continued industrial concentration reduce a small business' access to capital.

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devon06atX   Canada. Mar 26 2014 02:23. Posts 5435

Currency manipulation relating to exported vs imported goods focused on Chinas widespread currency manipulation and the EU/NA.

Or fuck. More modern? Trade agreements with (previous government) of Ukraine that favoured Russias stimulus platform and cheaper gas, and how the west funded and organized mass protests in favour of the EU/NA trade to essentially lose a province.

Bitcoin? Fuck. That's be a rough paper to write up though. Would be an interesting read. I hope you give us a link with what you write, I'd like to read it.

Good luck.

napoleono   Romania. Mar 26 2014 06:24. Posts 771

U been watching too much House of Cards devon :D

spets1   Australia. Mar 26 2014 07:24. Posts 2167

too big to fail and why it never works.


LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Mar 26 2014 09:54. Posts 15143

behavioral finance is fun

93% Sure!  

LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Mar 26 2014 10:27. Posts 15143

My dissertation was called
"Evaluation of Standard Economic theory in the light of psychology and behavioral economics with empirical evidence of the application of the endowment effect"
had lots a fun writing it

93% Sure!  

devon06atX   Canada. Mar 26 2014 11:30. Posts 5435

  On March 26 2014 05:24 napoleono wrote:
U been watching too much House of Cards devon :D

lol, so true. I can't believe I have to wait another year before I get my fix again.

HotChip   Iceland. Mar 26 2014 18:07. Posts 146

ahm Sweden can write about Zlatan's monopoly dominance over other human beings.

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Tsukuyomi   Norway. Mar 27 2014 11:53. Posts 245

Maybe more audit/accouting based than finance based, but you could write about how forced auditing rotation will affect the industry. It's in effect in 30 countries as of now, but in 2016 all major markets are expect to follow this.

For example: "Will the mandatory audit rotation have a positive or negative impact on the quality of auditing?" or something along those lines

julep   Australia. Mar 27 2014 19:49. Posts 1274

effect of HFT on liquidity. and possible ethical concerns it raises.

go to nanex website and have a look

RiKD    United States. Mar 29 2014 05:29. Posts 7522

I think there is a reason a lot of people are "on" bitcoin and the fact that there is not a lot of research currently is more of a reason to consider it.

Another topic I would be interested in is some sort of look into the relationship between Sweden's socialism, transparency, intelligent infrastructure (?) and its' effect on overall community/state energy + productivity efficiency in the public and private sectors (or vice versa). Basically, from a finance/economics perspective what is the relationship between public sector productivity/profit and private sector productivity/profit and what is working/not working in Sweden/Scandinavia and how it may/may not relate to world finance/economics and how productivity/profit can be maximized in a human friendly, ethical manner? (could relate to bitcoin or really anything come to think of it)


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