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Best Thread on 2p2

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collegesucks   United States. Jun 09 2012 04:25. Posts 5780
It's 3:30 AM and I have to work in a few hours but goddammit I'm finishing this story.

On Changing Your Life

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morph1   Sierra Leone. Jun 09 2012 07:30. Posts 2352

I read it before, but forgot it... such a great thread
thx for sharing ... will read again

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life 

bigredhoss   Cook Islands. Jun 09 2012 08:14. Posts 8646

hmm i remember reading his first few walls of text in that thread a long time ago and being really bored/disappointed, does it get that much better? idk, i can't even remember what it was about tbh other than him giving a narrative of his life/talking about jobs he's had/etc.

Truck-Crash Life 

morph1   Sierra Leone. Jun 09 2012 10:33. Posts 2352

it starts slow, but it becomes realy good later

Always Look On The Bright Side of Life 

NeillyJQ   United States. Jun 09 2012 12:51. Posts 8947

good post bud

Just remember you need to be god damn sure about their tendencies. -Artanis11 

Spicy   United States. Jun 09 2012 16:51. Posts 1027

There are quite a number of quality threads in the BFI section too

Gawuss   Poland. Jun 10 2012 08:28. Posts 2335

thanks for the link, I really enjoy it

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