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Sociology and poker

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SpasticInk   Sweden. Feb 08 2012 05:58. Posts 6292
Time has come and I have to find a subject for my bachelor paper. I have had some thoughts to incorporate the subject of poker, but have not come up with a proper scientific inquiry. The paper could both be a literature review or an empirical investigation.

Obviously "poker" is a huge subject, and can be studied from many perspectives. My first thoughts were something about the development of poker (on a macro level) - how it's monopolized in country after country (even criminalized), but I'm not sure if that would not lean towards a more economic paper than sociological (even though the economic sphere obviously is of interest). Other than that we have the more psychological interest of gambling and addiction - which is of interest as well (in Sweden internet poker has become the biggest gambling problem for example).

Not sure what I am asking you guys, but if anyone has any input here, just write it. I'll appreciate any ideas or thoughts.

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auffenpuffer   Finland. Feb 08 2012 06:52. Posts 1429

write a discourse analysis of poker in the media and how a new stereotype of a poker player has emerged with the online scene.

or pick a subject other than poker, imo there are more interesting fields of sociological inquiry than gambling.

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DustySwedeDude   Sweden. Feb 08 2012 07:34. Posts 8623

Yea I think you can find other subjects that are more fun. Or you could do something related to "tilt". That might even land you some monies if you can do some vids on it for some training site or something,

gawdawaful   Canada. Feb 08 2012 11:02. Posts 8952

For one of my papers, I wrote about the perception vs the reality of gambling addiction by comparing between income differences, financial responsibilities, and the states' tendency to distance themselves from the "addicts"/shifting blame to the individual.

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