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There is a lot of suffering and misery in life
  RiKD, Jul 19 2019

I see that Turkey is stacking the borders preparing to attack Rojava. I see Richard Spencer as a Nazi pundit on CNN. I see a Trump rally turning disturbingly fascist. I see the existence and behavior of these privately owned detention centers and private prisons. It was almost overwhelming for me yesterday. It's all still quite disturbing but I had a good vegan curry, a walk on the beach, a swim in the ocean, and studied painters all day. I bout some oil sticks as well which I can't wait to use. I used permanent marker on one of my paintings today because I had to add somethings but didn't want to get the paints out.

I found this interesting:

One of the things that is staying with me is how he talks about the subconscious and how 1 year later he'll realize what his subconscious was saying.

It's too early to tell really. All I see is a lot of Japanese calligraphy and stuff inspired by complex studies, and ecology.

I think my next painting is going to be a painting of Christ. I was thinking of copying Christ of the Incas by Rouault but I think I may do my own version. It makes me want to re-read the Gospels in Brief by Tolstoy. I don't know who I like better Buddha or Christ or the Spirit of Taoism. The thing about Christ is that he was just out for the marginalized people in life. You can't tell me he wouldn't be out their fighting for trans people, poor people, fucking kids separated from their parents in a detention center without adequate food and water, etc. Yet, some times I see some stunted out large black truck driving like an asshole with a license plate:

It has got to be the most obnoxious license plate in the USA. I don't really want to get on a rant about the USA, and God, and Manifest Destiny, and nationalism, though.... It's nationalism and perverted Christianity. Not that Christianity can ever get it all right because that is far from the truth. All I am saying is I actually like Tolstoy's "Gospel in Brief." Basically, a short story about Jesus that resonates with an atheist, anti-perverted Christian. Whatever perverted Christian even means. I am sure a 2019 Unitarian Church's Christianity is a better form of Christianity that has ever been. You know only 3% of the USA is atheist? There is not many of us. Especially, in a place like South Carolina. I like tapping into the spiritual though. The only problem is when it conflicts with science. Life is hard. There is a lot of suffering and misery in life. I wish I had more friends, I wish I had more family closer, I wish I felt part of a community. It seems as if today painting got me through the day. Not every day is going to be like that. At least I have something that soothes the pain of being more or less an isolated recluse. It's painting and activism at this point. No turning back at this point.

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Akathisia continues
  RiKD, Jul 12 2019

The akathisia continues. I've called my Doctor now twice and left 2 messages. I am almost looking to forward to going to work. I am pretty active there making pizzas and the akathisia doesn't bother me unless I am standing around. I want to start pacing or marching. The bad thing about work is I have been getting anxiety about it. Just worrying about every little detail. There is also the fact that they schedule me to do two peoples' jobs. There is also the fact that sometimes I don't feel like making pizzas. I can't always be expected to be really into the craft and making pizzas with passion and care, can I? I am free to starve though. Great.

Why do I still write these up on here? Do I need to be heard in some regard? Do I value the comments? I am surely looking for sympathy or suggestions or whatever I can get. But, does that lead to anything? My akathisia is too the point that I don't even want to go out and socialize because it is uncomfortable to sit there. I can't watch movies. That 50 min. militant anarchist video was incredibly difficult to get through. I did because I was interesting in the topic but I had to break it up into parts. I have mostly been sleeping as much as possible and then filling in the gaps as best that I can. I can look at it 2 ways. 1 way is that I am living a more Taoist way and doing nothing but the other way is that surely there is more to life to just sleeping a lot and filling in the gaps. My friend told me to stop torturing myself. I wish my Doctor would call me back. I am a dog sitting on a nail. Whining and whimpering. I still haven't bought more canvases or more paint. That would be something worthwhile. But, honestly, I think they are closed now and wouldn't want to drive out there anyway. So, I write. I write on here. In this moment it feels a little sad. More than a little sad. This is the best I can think of? This is the best I can come up with? Where's my creativity? Where's my living spirit?

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  RiKD, Jun 27 2019

Another blog, another blog....

I am sitting in an empty house. I am uncomfortable. The akathisia lingers.

I think what I really want to do is masturbate but that's not true. I want a woman. I am in a strange place though. I am also going with out "male gaze" porn. I am exploring Feminist porn. It's a bit of a shock to my system. Which means the porn I usually watch is desensitizing and gradually damaging. But, the feminist porn is too non-gender binary and queer for me. I think it's a good shock to the system. I may not masturbate to the stuff but it is interesting. Not overly so. It makes sense. We are all people that want to play with ourselves and play with others besides the people that do not want to do that.

I am back on Tinder and boy what a bad decision that was. It's like fucking crack. My akathisia is heightened at least three fold when I run out of likes. I just did it as an experiment to see how many likes an intersectional feminist, anti-capitalist, vegan would get. It's actually a lot. Of course, I am in a certain part of the country. The experiment is not worth it though. I need to abort but I know I won't yet. I matched with Ariel, a fucking gorgeous anti-capitalist who makes me want to move here.... Well, one of many reasons to move here. All of my matches have been intriguing. These are women I would actually want to go on dates with. Not the bougie Sorority types that seem to permeate my hometown. OVERSIMPLIFICATION, RATIONALIZATION, NOT TRUE! Oh well, curating some perfect Tinder account is degrading and being a zombie to the swipe right is even more degrading. Ugh, it's addiction 101. But, it makes me so happy that Ariel exists, that Erika exists, that Amy exists, et al. I need to get out more.

I came across this the other day:

How to date an Intersectional Feminist

One thing that jumped out to me is that list is 10 things I could be giving my time to. 10 areas I could be meeting people. Perhaps figuring out how to get to a protest is the most important thing for me right now.

The veganism is going pretty smoothly or is it? I hit some food deserts on the way up here which was educating in itself but at one gas station I was tired and hungry and grabbed some honey, Sriracha Combos with out thinking. We commodify bees too. It feels so benign. There is no Earthlings including bees it seems although I am sure it exists on YouTube. But, so far so good. I have come to this location just about every year my entire life. I had to pass up Magical Black Raspberry from the Magical Ice Cream Shop but it actually wasn't a big deal at all. I didn't go out to dinner tonight because I just didn't want to deal with no vegan options. The town my sister lives in was great for that. Just about every restaurant had multiple vegan options if not up to 4-5 vegan options. While in a food desert at an Outback Steakhouse I had to get more creative. House salad without cheese and 2 sweet potatoes with out butter. There. Not so bad. Pretty easy actually. I stayed home tonight and had leftover veggie burger and Hippeas. These things are fucking perfect for a crunchy snack, apertif, or go well with a veggie burger or whatever. It is also tradition to eat a lot of lobster and clam chowder but fuck that. I'm good with a hummus+veggie wrap or a vegan burrito. There is also the issue of my mom buying blueberry muffins especially for me thinking because we are in Maine and that is tradition that I would just change my mind. The only thing really viable in the house is bananas and almond butter which isn't ideal but it will work. Even though the bananas are probably conventional and inhumane. Chiquita from Honduras.... ugh. Do I eat the English muffins with trace amounts of whey?

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Honest Appraisal
  RiKD, Jun 19 2019

Hi Guys,

I want to explore intersectionality in my blog tonight. I currently cannot sleep. I never really understood intersectionality and I still might not but I figured maybe writing about it will show the leaks.

Intersectionality meaning everything is connected. For example, I like the idea of carnism being a root evil. It starts with domination and oppression of animals and it makes it easier to dominate and oppress people. The holocaust took strategies from factory faming and factory farming takes strategies from the holocaust and slavery.

It appears the problem either starts with capitalism or rich white males or racism or specieism or sexism. See, it's all inter-related. Feminists like to call it the patriarchy. I just like to call it rich white males. Capitalism sort of formed around rich white males. White males got rich through capitalism and it kind of spiraled into this twisted behemoth that we see today. It's kind of difficult to not be a bit of a twisted soul to make it in capitalism today. So, we have these twisted people running things in this twisted system and it causes a lot of problems. And, one of the problems is the forms of control and changing and getting more devious. The achievement-subject is a project of being an entrepreneur of the self. We are master and slave in one. I try to avoid this like the plague. I honestly try to avoid corporations like the plague too but it's a tough thing to do if you want to eat.

I remember this book had a tremendous impact on the way I viewed life about 8 years ago. It's a great book for budding achievement-subjects looking to burnout or even just live a life of tiredness and undeadness. That is the thing. I don't think as humans we are inherently doomed to a life of tiredness and undeadness. I definitely feel it these days but not as bad as I once did for a large multinational. But, I didn't feel the tiredness and undeadness when I took that month off of work. There was still boredom and restlessness and whatever but there wasn't the tiredness or the undeadness. I am sure those of you who work for a living know what I mean. If you don't know what I mean then tell me how you do it please.

But, this is why capitalism still exists. Because, we are well controlled. We are docile but not in the same way as in Michel Foucault's "Displine and Punish." It's like capitalism and the rich white men have set up this video game that we try and beat. Most of us will fail. Maybe not even most of us on this website which is why it's so hard to see this point. If you are entrenched in the achievement-subject project - the self imposed (best) video game/simulation that fact is obviously going to be a blind spot. The game is made for cis white males. The game is made for cis white males and I failed. How does that make me feel? What about all the others who failed or never had a chance? One of the problems with failing is that there is no alternative. It's like once you step out of that video game which sucks for most people you are still in a video game that sucks. It is very difficult to escape the tiredness and the undeadness as long as one is working for a corporation in a capitalist society. I would much prefer to just linger contemplatively. I prefer that lifestyle but don't know how to achieve it at this point.

It's funny the fact I am intersectional x I have so many avenues for activism and I don't really actively engage in any of them. Maybe, I am still learning. Did Occupy Wall St. even accomplish anything? I suppose we have to continue to fight. That is all we can do. That is a project in-itself. A pure project. I remember a day when I would work 12 hours and come home and check emails and be woken up by phone calls. Holy shit that was terrible. At least at my current job there are no emails, no texting, no phone calls. What are we all working towards? A big house and a country club membership? Come the fuck on. It is bigger than that. It has to be bigger than that.

You know I am not even completely sure that the feminists get it all right with their condemnation of the patriarchy. It's another complex entrenched problem. I took 0 gender studies courses in college though so I really don't know what is being taught in the universities. I took a social work course that touched on it but nothing nitty gritty. And, honestly, I never cared that much about it because it didn't effect me although I was always pro-woman. It's tough. I want to be a feminist but parts of the movement turn me off. At the end of the day I want to get rid of hierarchies, domination, and oppression. I want to be as understanding of all of this stuff as I can be. There is a lot of suffering in this world that can be alleviated if we just work together within our communities and hopefully come together on a global scale to take down some of this stuff.

"We are the children and citizens of the Earth" - Edgar Morin

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What's Next?
  RiKD, Jun 10 2019

I am where I am but what is next?... Coming on to the internet to think about what is next? Doh...

What will I be dipping my toes in?


If you are a fan of Mark Fisher this is pretty cool: Dissensus

There are some good threads on there. I also think I identified Kalle Lasn (be.jazz) who started AdBusters.

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  RiKD, May 24 2019

I wish to linger on commitment. My therapist said I should think about it. I am always on this idea and that idea and the next one not really committing to anything ever. I think it's mostly related to jobs/careers/whateveryouwanttocallit. I am supposed to think about that too. What am I good at and what do I like to do? There is always like a spirit in the air that seems to whisper teach. Teach. But, then that just seems like just another one of my ideas. I have never commit to it. So it's 3 questions:

- What am I good at?
- What do I like to do?
- What am I willing to commit to?

I think the commitment piece is key. I remember when I was committed to poker I usually did really well. When I was down on poker and looking for ways out and mopey I generally lost and was miserable. It's the same with that corporate sales job I had. I was committed to lacrosse and put together a strong four years and had a lot of great times. It just seems to be the way the world works. I don't know a way around it. I prefer multiple disciplinary work. I would love to be a shiny ball consultant. I don't know if jobs like that exist in this world for me. I don't know if I'm qualified. I don't know what I am qualified for. I don't know if I will ever find something I feel is worth committing to. Nothing has ever been good enough.

Maybe I'll ponder this some more and write more later. I think a lot of issue with commitment deals with FEAR(s) even if it is a +ev play. There is always going to be a lot of unknowns. Sometimes getting out of commitments at a certain point seems impossible or unbearable. At the end of the day though everything is a wager and we have to bet on whatever is going to give us the most overall life satisfaction (short-term and long-term). Which is actually another interesting discussion. Do we care if we are crippled and decrepit at 80 if 40 is really awesome? What if I really like cigarettes and cheese? I love red wine too.............. I was committed to red wine.

Oh well, I have to go...

Linger later

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On Finding Oneself
  RiKD, May 14 2019

I am in the middle of finding myself. It feels like I've been finding myself my whole life. Do we ever find ourselves? I've encountered people where this seems to be the case. It is almost unfathomable to me. I am serious. Are there people on here that feel like they have found themselves? What does that mean?

I have goals. Like I've said I want to find an (altruistic) cause to spend time on, I want good friends, and I want a girlfriend. I also want to eat less shit and move more. I don't know how I want to move. Maybe get back into tennis. Maybe get back into improv. I still have to actualize all of this stuff. It seems easier but more painful to just continue doing what I've been doing if that makes sense. That sounds like classic alcoholic behavior to me. I have so much freedom yet I seemingly continue to not make the right choices. The social anxiety has me a little shaken up. It makes me more fearful to do something new even though it is just a worry.

I don't know how to make myself choose right. What do I believe in? What do I stand for? I am like a cat with shiny ball syndrome that let's the corporation I work for dictate my life. I glide with the confines of my work schedule. I have mostly been a night owl my whole life. That is my natural temperament. It kind of sucks to be in that zone in a city where everything closes early and I don't drink or do drugs and there are no late night AA meetings/communities that I particularly like and I have barely any friends let alone any friends on this later night schedule.

My therapist mentioned that I wasn't present during a lot of my development and that is kind of a bear of a problem that compounded over time and I am still dealing with it. I think some on here maybe get that if they were addicted to BW and/or poker in their teens and twenties. So, I am still finding myself. My first reaction is like "Fuck, still?" I mean of course I am still finding myself but do I ever find myself? Maybe not. But, you know what? Just relaxing a bit here listening to some Robert Glasper Experiment and writing these thoughts out I don't feel so bad. I truly want people to try and answer some of these questions in here. I am trying to learn in anyway possible to reduce suffering and live a better life. I realize there is no magic pill. I am just a lonely SOB that is questioning myself at every turn. It feels like I have lost my smile or my personality or both. Sometimes I catch glimpses of a swagger but it doesn't seem to stick. What happened to my smile? I have a pent up zest for life waiting to burst. I think I have a feeling what I have to do. Yet, I sleep in and take naps and don't call people to do stuff and let the dishes pile up and overall don't take action. It's easy to just fall into the everything is determinism mode and just float by. Complain or hide behind determinism rather than embrace responsibility. Fuck man, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know what will make me change.

I am afraid to hop back on stage. I never had major social anxiety with improv or stage fright ever but things have changed. Maybe they haven't. The only way to know would be to try it. That should really be my motto for into the future. The only way to know would be to try it. Except, If I want to know what the warmth of heroine is like. The warmth of a campfire or the warmth of a woman sounds like a better idea.

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How did I end up here?/Existence is upon us
  RiKD, May 05 2019

Today was one of those days that I got home and I could barely bear to bend over and untie my shoes. I was just hoping it would get better from there. It has. Another pint of Jenni's Brambleberry Crisp and now listening to Nujabes and writing down words. How did I end up as a pizza maker? It's really kind of bizarre. I made some great pizzas today and I made some not so great pizzas today. Sometimes it feels like I am fighting the dough a little bit and the ingredients. I looked to my co-workers who are much better than me. I shouldn't compare myself to them but I yearn to learn from them. I am at a somewhat weird part of my pizza progression. On the other hand, I don't necessarily feel that I am wasting my time making pizzas but I can't help but feel like there is a higher calling for me. Doesn't everyone feel like there is a higher calling for them...?

I don't need to kill myself either. I find it absurd that people throw around the advice to kill oneself on the internet. The time may come when it is time to kill myself but it's not now. I actually think I am on the cusp of having a not so bad life which could continue to grow. What am I missing? This social anxiety piece is really big. I think I have had it since middle school. I think it's why I was drawn to video games and poker. I think it's why I did so many substances at least in part. But, it's been stronger here than in the past. I let my hand tremor get to me. Although it is a weird thing to have a hand tremor (Lithium and Abilify).

What are your guys thoughts on some great tv shows?

Stroggoz reminded me of Rome in the GoT thread which I absolutely love. I pointed out that Deadwood is another show like that. My brother told me to watch some show called Marvelous Ms. Maisie or something like that he said it's better than GoT or he told me to watch One Punch Man. I was watching Handmaid's Tale but man some episodes are so bleak for the full 50+ min. I am trying to unwind and maybe laugh or get enthralled.

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  RiKD, Apr 30 2019

"Unfathomable loneliness and sadness crept through him: he saw his life down the solemn vista of a forest aisle, and he knew he would always be the sad one: caged in that little round of skull, imprisoned in that beating and most secret heart, his life must always walk down lonely passages. Lost. He understood that men were forever strangers to one another, that no one ever comes really to know anyone, that imprisoned in the dark womb of our mother, we come to life without having seen her face, that we are given to her arms a stranger, and that, caught in that insoluble prison of being, we escape it never, no matter what arms may clasp us, what mouth may kiss us, what heart may warm us. Never, never, never, never, never.?"

- Thomas Wolfe "Look Homeward, Angel"

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What do you want?
  RiKD, Apr 15 2019

What do you want? What do you Really want?

What do I want? What do I Really want?

In psychotherapy this is one of the most fundamental questions. What are someone's true wishes in this world? Then it is the individual's responsibility to act on these wishes. That's why it is important to be accurate with one's wishes. We are free to choose (to some extent). We are the sum of our actions.

What do I want?

I figure I would do this as an experiment and an exercise. I am just all in my head before a psychotherapy appointment and rather than sit here and do nothing I'll maybe get some of this stuff out of my head and it will be worthwhile.

There are a lot of interrelated things in my life. A big one is always the job. I don't hate it. I get a good feeling sometimes. It's not a bad place to be BUT it's not going to get me out of my parent's house. I do not wish to work more hours or scale up in the capitalist world. It's like I am almost forced to find something in the public or non-profit sector. Living at home effects dating (so does making more money). I would like to date but it's almost like the state of my life dating is more annoyance than fun. I would like to go out and have more fun. Spend time with people. I wish to get better at painting and the electric guitar. I think these are all pretty doable things. But, it really goes back to that work piece. I have no desire whatsoever to climb higher in capitalism but I am currently a bit fucked in regards to finances... Fucked is a strong word. I eek it out like I have said on here before. I will stay at my parent's place and perhaps continue to be incel. It feels like I have to go back to school for something or maybe more importantly work for someone that ends in .org. There are no ultimate rescuers here. This is all on me. I have to figure this out but I hope I get help and inspiration along the way.

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