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  genjix, Feb 01 2010

is a month

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  genjix, Jan 30 2010

finished 90th!

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Troll a cult
  genjix, Jan 27 2010


posted instead

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chat banned
  genjix, Jan 26 2010

will fight this when I get time

dumping here:

Moderator90 [Moderator]: Hello players.
Moderator90 [Moderator]: Please allow me a moment while I review the entire chat log.
genjix: moderator
genjix: which do u prefer between cut and uncut foreskins?
mike8732: lol
Moderator90 [Moderator]: Please keep all chat friendly, clean, and respectful at the tables.
Dealer: Game #38788355982: pcimaverick wins pot ($0.40)
Moderator90 [Moderator]: Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Please continue to enjoy your game.
mike8732: ty u 2
TBobLP: thank you
Dealer: Game #38788410662: mike8732 wins pot ($0.19)
mike8732: genjix that was awesome

edit: only 3 hours... so ok thats fine i guess

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  genjix, Jan 21 2010

I'm having a super bad day. Like the worst ever imaginable. So I slowroll calling a flop shove with 2 pair in a 3bet pot and the guy turns his KK into a set.

karma bitches!

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imma homeless
  genjix, Jan 12 2010

i cashed out most of my roll

and moved to istanbul

so ive dropped to nl50

but the pressure of needing money is making me spew

so ive dropped to nl25

from nl100->nl25

lol. dont worry. ill be back asap

u can live off $600 a month here if u eat beans on toast. if u eat out 3x a day for the cheapass price of $20 then its like 1.2k

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dead baby
  genjix, Dec 30 2009

whats the difference between a lambo and a pile of dead babys

i dont have a lambo in my garage

What do you use to load dead babies into a truck?

A pitchfork.

What do you get after using a pitchfork to pick up dead babies?

An erection.

How do you get 100 dead babies into a bath tub?
A blender.

How go you get them out?
Tortilla Chips.

how many dead babies does it take to paint a house? depends how hard you throw em

Whats harder than walking through a field of dead babies?

my dick as i do it

how do you stop a baby from crying and crawling around in circles?

nail its other hand to the floor.

how many babies does it take to paint a house?

depends on how hard you throw them.

Dont overuse these two guys, they are my favorite.

what is the difference between a trampoline and a dead baby, you take your boots off to jump on a trampoline

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i did it
  genjix, Dec 28 2009


been playing non stop for 12 hours

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need to complain
  genjix, Dec 28 2009

whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine

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christmas grind
  genjix, Dec 24 2009

argh fucking so tilted right now but need those vpps for supernova.

i do not want to play and am spewing hard

damn i just lost 1/4 of my BR

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