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im in miami biaaaatch
  Critterer, Sep 23 2011

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im in miami biaaaatch
  Critterer, Sep 23 2011

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£1000 on a computer chair? Are you MAD?
  Critterer, May 22 2010

Previously i had a standard office chair, but this was fairly uncomfortable and my dad had a Herman Miller Aeron in the room next door to my bedroom so i kept stealing that for my poker sessions. I finally decided that i needed to buy myself a nice chair as an investment for poker. I did some pretty extensive research and it seems the Embody (The supposed Successor to the Aeron) is the most well thought out and designed chair.

Was difficult to find anywhere selling them in the UK, and even when i did i had to wait 8 weeks to have it shipped in from america. It finally arrived yesterday and already i can tell its going to be worth it. The chair is very comfortable but more importantly it "forces" you into a good sitting position. Im currently sitting completely upright with good posture and its not remotely uncomfortable, its more comfortable to sit like this than slouch even. Considering it comes with a 12 year warranty the price tag really doesnt feel that steep anymore. I think without all the extras u cud prolly get one for like $1200 or something.

The fact that the chair itself looks awesome is an added bonus!

Couple quick pics:

Back and Spine of the chair


Anyone considering a new chair id honestly advise splashing a few extra buyin's and getting an embody, especially if you are a professional grinder.

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tables lagging like hell
  Critterer, Mar 24 2010

God damn im so tilted right now, i think my PC is fucking up it cant handle hud+ 24 tables without lagging too hard to even play,i dont know why.

Decided im just gunna get some vouchers from FPP's and buy a laptop on amazon, then jus hook it up to my monitor/keyboard/mouse etcetc

Don't really know too much about laptops but hopefully £500~ will get me a nice one these days. Need it ASAP cos i need to play a load of poker to keep supernova status, stressssssssssssssful shit.

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poker money doesnt feel real
  Critterer, Feb 19 2010

i mean like, i lost a tenner (£10) out my wallet somehow and it really annoyed me, like, wayyyy more than having a -$500 day on poker or whatever.

i know the moneys real,i cash it out and spend it, but somehow it doesnt feel "real", i guess mayb this is a good thing cos it means im not focused on the value of the money and just rather think of it as "chips" if that makes sense

random thought but whatever, havnt played much poker at all but im starting it all back up again in the next couple days so hopefully run good 1 timeeeeeeeeee

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  Critterer, Jan 09 2010

Online Poker

I have registered to play in the PokerStars World Blogger Championship of Online Poker! The WBCOOP is a free online Poker tournament open to all Bloggers, so register on WBCOOP to play.

Registration code: 755619

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Sell playchipsGot
  Critterer, Jan 06 2010

Got a friend who wants to sell the 1m playchips hes grinded to try and start his bankroll, anyone want them?

write here or PM me

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  Critterer, Dec 31 2009

Well at beginning of november i needed 72k vpps to get the 200k milestone and i made it~ so thats a nice $2k added to my BR.

Ran pretty bad overall these two months however i'm pretty pleased i put in decent volume and netted some profit too.

November: +$1961

December: +$2562

Not massive profit months but good volume equates to decent rakeback anyway and bonus too so im happy!

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gunna be a fun few days
  Critterer, Dec 27 2009

Well im like 11k VPP's away from my 200k milestone since i had to go away for 4 days over xmas, just got back home and now i gotta get these vpps before jan.

Since the FR games are likely going to be somewhat tighter cos of mass nits doing the same thing as me i estimate its going to be like 40k hands or something for 11k vpps...

So it will be a fun next few days, hopefully nothing goes wrong. Literally just got in now, gunna chill for a bit, watch the rest of the man utd match then grindddddddddddd

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Mid november!
  Critterer, Nov 15 2009

So i stopped blogging after every session but im still going to post updates so i can have a nice little log of everything!

November so far has been mixed, started out running horribly, broke even for 45k hands or something, ended up like 18 buyins below allin EV as well as all kinds of ridiculous coolers, including set over set over set on the flop, and getting KK vs AA no less than 7 times in a 4k hand session, i won 1 of them though so EV doesnt lie!

Anyway last week has been good though and ive hit a bit of an upswing, im still ~13 buyins under EV but cant complain when my winnings r goin up!

Already played more hands than last month (my previous highest volume month!) so im well on track to log a really high volume month!

Im going for the $2k milestone and need a little over 50k VPP's to do it which i should make comfortably if i keep the pace up, which i intend to!

Enough spam, resultz so far:

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