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  boblion, Oct 02 2008

Skill is nothing. Variance is everything.

I doubled my Br in 1 week.

Now i lost 1/6 of it in two days. I don't even know why ( except maybe for my last sng when i tilted and went all in on a 366 board with my TT and of course a guy had 69 ( whereas i had raised 3x the bb pre flop haha ).

My style is the same. Sometimes i win when i shouldn't sometimes i lose when i have better odds.

I have seen people with -50% ROI winning whereas they have no clue about math and probabilities.

That is awesome.

Sometimes i wonder if life is the same. Maybe stupid people can also get better jobs and life even if they don't really try.

Mother wariance you are too cool, you make my sharkscope graph look like a roller coaster. I have seen 0.5% winning vs 99.5% and you told me it is standart.

I worship you mother variance. Now let me get ITM please.

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/wrist ?
  boblion, Aug 06 2008

Appeler = call
Relancer = reraise
mise = raise
parole = check
se coucher = fold

For those who dont understand why i didnt post the hand history, i have asked Titan to send me yesterday and i'm still waiting ... Anyway it is a quality bad beat.

99.5% vs 0.5% on the flop

I think if this fucking monkey was playing with me IRL i would have punched him in the face. I can understand to loss here vs 77 or KK but not vs QJ when this retard raised on the flop with NOTHING.


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Starting with poker
  boblion, Jul 10 2008

I'm Bw player who dont enjoy the game lately and started to play poker " seriously " for few weeks. ( i posted the same blog on Team liquid btw but i guess i can get some advices here too ). Dont bully me for my noobish questions please :>.

So i will give you a few informations about me. Two years ago a friend showed me that you could play for fun online and even get some free-rolls, and interested by the game i started to play just for fun ( and really bad ) on everest. But i still prefered bw so i didnt really play a lot. Then this year i was at university with another friend who is badly addicted to poker ( the guy lost 5000 euros in his two first months of poker :O ).

During the year we did some retarded turbo sng with rebuy with other university friends. I won one ( i got really lucky ) and i came back to home with 60 euros ) and i put 10 $ on everest and started to play cash game ( at the lowest limits ). Obviously i lost my 10 $ quite fast. I wasnt really worried and i came back to bw who was my main passion during this period.

But few weeks ago i got really bored by bw and i really enjoyed watching my " degenerate " friend playing. He improved a lot after his two first months but he has still two major flaws for a poker player: he has no br management + he plays drunk ( and nearly always go broke when he does this ).
Moreover i was more and more interested by the mathematical aspects of poker ( i study a bit maths at university and even if overall i dislike it, i have always enjoyed probability problems with cards / dices ).

So when my friend went broke one more time he tried to use the Poker-strategy br and asked me to create an account because he would benefit of their "tell- a -friend" offer.

Hence i started to read stuff here and on liquid poker, and i tried to do the "small-stack" strategy on the lowest cash limits on Titan poker.
That was horrible, i never felt as bored of life. I was playing like a bot and after losing like 5$ i decided to stop cash game because i disliked it.

I remembered that Rekrul said that many people suck at poker because they play to win money and to gamble instead of enjoying the game and trying to get better.

So i tried hu sng 1$+0,20 and after few wins i started to run bad and probably to tilt. After losing 3 games in a row to a donk who liked coin flips ( this guy went allin pre flop with J 10 i called with AQ and i lost .. ) i felt that my nerves couldnt stand the high variance of hu so i stopped and tried the 1$+0,20 sng with 6 players.

It was a really good choice. I enjoy it more than hu, i can play on 2 or 3 table at the same time, and it seems that variance is way lower here.
Moreover i started to play really really good ( for my standarts lol )+ having some really good hands.
I'm playing really tight atm and it works. I read my opponents way better than before too. And i think that over my 20 last sng i only made 10 bad decisions.

This may look quite pretentious but i think now that i'm playing well ( on this kind of micro sng only lol )+ i enjoy playing a lot.
Nevertheless i'm not retarded and i know that with such a small sample i cant know if i really played well or if got lucky.

here is my sharkscope graph:

So my main question is: after how many sng will i know that i'm good enought for higher stakes ? ( i want to move to 5$+1 with 6 people ).

Should i put a bit of money to increase my br and to move up , or should i grind slowly to get more money before moving ?

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