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decipher this for me
  Big_Rob_48, Feb 13 2010

So for fun I joined a free online dating site. Browsed a bit for a few days, got lots of fat chicks sending me messages too. But I saw a chick I was interested in and we had this conversation. She seems like an arrogant twat and I can't seem to understand her. Help me out, is she interested or not? I think she is not.

HER PROFILE: " :::::::::::TIP:::::::: Don't shower me with flattery right off the bat. It makes me feel like you're trying to kiss my ass or just trying to get into my pants, and its just kinda off putting for me. If you want to get in good with me you need to make me laugh and simulate my mind first. Once I've warmed up to you, then its Ok to flatter me.

With that said....Lets continue, shall we?

Hello! My name is Melissa."


Well, you stated explicitly that you do not want to be flattered. So I guess it is copacetic to say its pretty absurd to note the list of do-nots you have before your actual description. Great. Maybe that is enough of a personality description standing alone?

Haha, anyway, I am just giving you a hard time because I think .... you like it at first? Or something? I do have to say that I just joined this site a couple days ago and have not been interested in almost anybody, but I am interested in you!

So yeah, check out my profile and see if you like or dislike. I would very much like to get a message back.

HER: Well...I'm glad I interested you. But I think its mostly the mystery of me you want to crack.

From reading your profile, you say you like shy girls at first? Lol...If that really is the case I'm sorry to say that I'm totally not all. Truth is most men are intimated by me.

I must thank you though. You read my profile! Hardly anyone does that. So thanks.

Me: I cannot decipher most of which is written in your message.

So I can't tell if you are interested back at all because mostly all I got was you think you are a special mystery and intimidate men(even though you are a 5'1 cutie pie), but you thank me for reading your profile. Strange. But if you are actually interested I can more than handle strange lol.

HER: I think you're looking to much into it.

ME: k, courtesy response, ic .... gl gl

HER: Lol...are you always this over analytical?

Anyways, I am thinking about telling her that I still can't tell if she is interested but I don't care because she sounds like a twat either way. But her pictures are of a pretty cute little girl with perky tits and dark hair so I wanted it, damn.

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Quit Poker
  Big_Rob_48, Dec 17 2009

Hey guyz whats up, I haven't been posting on the forums much lately at all but I have been playing a lot. So I came to a realization yesterday when talking to a friend because I said that if I had a paying job I would NEVER play poker again. Essentially, I would never have an urge to play, even if I made double the $$$ from poker that I made in my job. Anyway, lately played mostly 100 nl the last few months and my winrate is like 2 pt bb I would think, definitely not something worth doing for a living. I made 110k from poker 2 years ago while playing 50 hours a month and doing college, now I can barely make 60k with it being my sole commitment. I just came to the realization today that I would rather do almost anything than play poker, ANYTHING. I mean, if I was making 100k playing ssnl-msnl 30 hours a week, it still wouldn't be worth it ( I don't think).

The games are ridiculous these days compared to 2-3 years ago. Specifically, less donks, I think that is truly the only way I used to make my money. Now I play half the stakes, the players are twice as good, and my winrate is half as much. Fucking shitty. And the worst part is, is that I have gotten much better than I used to be. A lot of guys say that this is a stupid comment and that I just need to get better, well I think you guys just have a higher ceiling than me when it comes to poker talent.

I absolutely hate playing everyday, the times I used to like to play are like 1-2 times a week for maybe 4-6 hours. After long sessions I find it extremely hard to just relax. I think most of all is that I want something to be passionate about, and if I am not passionate about it (9-5 job) have it at least be somewhat easy. I think I just have a hard time fitting a normal social life into the framework of being an online poker player, I can't do it, I don't know how others do it unless they have many other friends that play online poker as well (I have zero, have almost never grinded with anyone).

So for now I don't know if I will be posting here anymore at all. If I continue to play poker it will probably be like 50k hands a month until I find something I want to do. I am 23 and am in my first year since graduating from college. I think I may want to go back to school for 2 years to be a high school teacher, or use my finance degree to get a 9-5 job right now(scary tho). I think the only real reason I played poker was because it was an easy out. I handled a transitional period in my life extremely bad (high school-college) because it was the first time in my life I didn't know what to do, it took me 2 years to get into a groove and be comfortable with where my life was going. But that was just a temporary relief, I now have no idea where my life is going again, and I really hope I make the right decisions quicker so I don't always feel like I need to make changes to make me feel satisfied with my place in the world.

I don't know how I will look back on my 4 years playing online poker, if it will be with regret or pride at making over 200k. I do think that I am glad I went down this road because it has made me a much better person because the game of poker makes someone understand themselves and their emotions so much better. I also think I know what I want from life much more, the value that is placed on social interactions is incalculable. I think I will be a much more unselfish person because of poker (as weird as it sounds). I also have much love for LP and think you guys almost always exhibit genuine humbleness and perspective, I think poker can have the ability to make people quite a bit wiser in a short period of time. I remember after playing for a few months I thought I was good and made a post in a guys poker hand thread saying something like "that is so fucking stupid" and Myth came in the next post and bitch smacked me by telling me to have some manner. That was one of my most memorable early times at lp because I learned a lot quickly after that.

So now I have 110k in my bank account that I saved up because I am so nitty irl : ) I think what I want to do is

1 figure out asap what I want to do with my life on a very long term committed plan

2 work out a lot

3 have a great time with my friends as much as possible, doing as many different hobbies as i can juggle

4 when I am not doing something really fun with my friends get to bed by midnight and wake up the next day ready to do something forward and productive with my life

Sorry for the emo post, but I am pretty down right now. I know these posts happen a lot these days, so please share your views as well, and potential criticisms too. I think it would be cool to hear other people's plan for the next few years of their life as well as your thoughts on poker after doing it for 3 or 4 years

And to leave an image so you can put a face to my screen name, here are 3 pics of me, Orange AnF shirt, guy, and red shorts about to jump off a 40 ft + waterfall in Hawaii this October (that is just one of the many things I am thankful for the opportunity for because of poker $$$ )

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Red line omg
  Big_Rob_48, Sep 23 2009

So poker has gone not awful, but definitely not what i wanted it to be. My winrate is like 1.6 pt bb, I want it to be around 2.5 at least (its hard for me to have a good winrate trying to play as much as I want to play). So I was looking at graphs and noticed that my red line is super bad. I know why too, back 18 months ago it was so easy to have a good idea when players were check raising light and 3 betting light. They did it on bad flop textures and it was pretty easy to know when to rebluff or call down.

Now, poker is so much harder. I dont know what to do. I dont even like playing anymore. I am done with poker as of next summer by the latest. I think for the time being I am going to try to 2 and 3 barrel more often with a different bet sizing line of 4xbb preflop, 8xbb flop, 22xbb turn, shove river. I think bigger bet sizing will get more folds by the 2nd barrel(at least at 200 nl).

Here are my red line graphs from 18 months ago and from present.

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preparation method?
  Big_Rob_48, Jul 17 2009

What is the best way to prepare yourself for a night of sex? I am going to hang out with this girl on sunday night and it is basically agreed upon that we are gonna do it all night. Last time she wanted 3 rounds and I couldn't deliver round 3, just didnt want it bad enough.

So I was thinking like wank it maybe 2 times on friday, take saturday off, and be ready for it on sunday. I also have some crazy pills called stamina-rx that u can even buy in 7-11 stores and they make u hard as a rock even as good as viagra. I figure I will save those for round 3 if i don't have the energy haha.

Any of you guys have any special preparation methods to make sure u have stamina?

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Getting Coached
  Big_Rob_48, Apr 23 2009

Hey guys just wanted to say I am interested in getting coached in poker. I can beat 200 nl for at least 3 pt bb, but what I want to do is be able to beat 400 nl for 3 pt bb which as most of you guys should know takes a much higher understanding of the game and is a huge jump.

Any ideas of coaches? I checked out leggopokers but theirs is ridiculous for rates, i'm not paying $500 an hour (or should I...?). I am also not sure I should just get one coach because I feel it may be important to have diversity because different people can offer different things. Jamie217 is someone I am really interested in so far because he can beat 5/10 and his rate of $200 an hour seems super good. Anyway just wanted to get some advice on coaching I think I am a person who really benefits from it because last time I got coached for about 4 hours by a VERY GOOD coach and it doubled my winrate.

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going pro
  Big_Rob_48, Feb 25 2009

Or whatever you want to call it. Basically I have told everyone close to me, including my parents, that I have no intentions of getting a job and that I am 100% playing poker for a year starting when I graduate in May. I am so excited, I know its going to be the hardest thing I have ever done, but at the same time I can't wait to get started.

The last year:
Made 100k over a 10 month period last year, then stopped playing poker to focus on school as of a year ago. I made a long term life financial EV decision that it was more profitable to try to get a 4.0 gpa in my finance classes instead of making 10k a month in poker. I played poker for around 20k hands a month since September without really focusing on my game at all and have averaged a winrate of $125 an hour (I 10 table).

What I want to do Pokerwise:
I want to play 30k hands a week for one year (I average 1k hands an hour 10 tabling). I plan on grinding 200 nl and hopefully 400 nl. My goal winrate is a pedestrian 2.0 pt/bb. I want to be extremely realistic with my goal. I want to feel like it is something I am working every day towards and that downswings won't slow me down. My goal amount of money is $150,000. This is a goal that I hope to have a very high percentage chance to obtain. I exchanged pm's with handbanana who is a pretty rad dude who made over $200,000 in a year grinding is ass off. I hope to do similar, except a slightly higher pt/bb but less tables and hands. I plan on having a coaching session like once very two weeks to make sure that I am always growing as a player. Some people I may pm for wondering if they want to help out a fellow lp'er (in exchange for $$$ of course) are people like TalentedTom, Jamie217, Nolan, or basically anyone that can beat 400nl or higher (those 3 off the top of my head are sick players imo). I also plan on having a heads up day, where I play only 1 on 1 poker in order to ensure I grow as a player and am not in zombie grind out mode all week.

What I want lifewise:
I am extremely worried about my social life, as I am not a party person or nightlife/bar scene person. I love working out, playing sports, hanging out with chicks, and playing video games with my friends. I am extremely afraid of getting the feeling like I don't get out enough. The feeling where you just feel light headed and dizzy because you have been looking at some sort of monitor device for way to fucking disproportional amount a day. Do any of you have trouble with that? Or are you just trained gamers that have gotten used to it as a way of life? What is a good living situation? Living at a place where people are around and you aren't alone from 9am-5pm sounds logical. Also, what hours are feasible if I want to play 30 hours a week?

If you feel like my goals are naive and I should change my outlooks in a way that would be more rewarding financially or in terms of total happiness I would love to know. I may add this to main poker because it is something I would really love to hear from LP people about. I also really want to meet some LP people eventually, as I have never hung out with a single person that plays online poker and I think it has killed my ability to be on a level higher than 400 nl. Also, it would be hella fun. Thinking about visiting iamalex in Colorado sometime in the next month.

I would love to have any comments or criticisms. Please share your pro experience/thoughts!

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Yearly Profit Excel Sheet
  Big_Rob_48, Nov 19 2008

So Snider's post made me remember that I made an excel sheet for Pokerstars that can instantly show everything about your bonuses and total income for playing a stake for x amount of hands. If I knew how to put the actual file on here I would.

My example below shows a 200 nl 3 pt/bb winner that plays 30k hands a week... pretty sick how much someone could make if they stuck with it for a year, they wouldnt even have to be that great (which makes this sheet perfect motivation for me).

NOTE* - Assumes you are a supernova. I think vpp per hand at 200 nl is like .57 and at 100 nl is like .39

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worse run ever
  Big_Rob_48, Aug 07 2008

This is weird for me, won at 7.2 pt bb over 130k hands a couple months ago before all this business.... fuck poker

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Want to quit
  Big_Rob_48, Jun 08 2008

So after running at 7.2 ptbb for 110k hands at 200 nl, my current streak is:

65k hands at .16 ptbb or (+2 buyins) .... considering stars bonuses it still pans out to like $46 an hour for me but I dont know, I just hate poker now. I want to make 100k more in this game and get out ASAP. It makes my life way less enjoyable for now.... maybe I will feel otherwise when I am out of school in a year, but for now its just too much.

Anybody else want to quit? I dunno, I dont really enjoy the game at all anymore, its all about the money. I always felt I never had the ambition or skill set to be a 1knl or higher stakes player anyway. If poker was my job or the only thing I had to do every day then it would be different. But for now, a year and a half of poker being purely free time activities outside of my other obligations has grinded myself into someone who doesn't enjoy himself as much as he used to.

I can probably already tell that I am underestimating the worth of the hourly wage I make playing poker (I THINK I am at least a 4 ptbb winrate winner at 200 nl long run... so like $160-$220 an hour ballpark). But I dont care, whats real now is that I want to have more free time to spend having fun and not worrying about asking myself the question "hmmm.... should I play poker or not?" everytime I finally get the chance to relax.

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  Big_Rob_48, May 15 2008

So I have been thinking about it for a long time now and I finally pulled the trigger. I went out and through out $13k on a seadoo. I don't really know how to feel. My parents tell me I'm a freakin idiot, but idk I have like 100k just sitting in the bank and I actually wanna do something I enjoy with a little bit of it so I got one.

I got an RXT 215 hp, hopefully it goes at least 65 mph. Plus, seadoos are a great way to get big tittied chicks to hang out with you in nothing but two pieces... and they also have to hang onto you.

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