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fml I have a blog

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Quit Smoking (- UPDATE - )
  EvilSky, Sep 22 2010

So about 5 months ago I made a blog about quitting and got into an argument with Baal (zomg wat r the odds amiright) and after seeing whamms post today decided I should supply an update.
Havent smoked since, had a couple instances of strong cravings that I attribute to feeling that emptiness we have deep down, but Ive managed to stay clear and I dont really expect to ever relapse again.

Seriously just get a hold of The Easy way by Allen Carr and just really get into it in a big way, get over the cheesiness of it and whatnot and it will make quitting really easy.

Currently trying to get my old man to quit but I think it might actually be easier to win an argument with Baal.


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Quit Smoking
  EvilSky, May 10 2010

So almost a week ago I decided to become a non smoker, and today not only I am, but I also feel good about it. I had a hard time at first because I was going about it the wrong way, but yesterday I decided to download The easy way to stop smoking by Allen Carr, Im not sure why since Im always skeptical of "easy way" to anything but this audio book changed my whole perspective and helped clear my head.
If you want to quit smoking or even if you dont I recommend checking out this book, its quite a simple concept that somehow is lost on most of us.

ffs I managed to make this sound like a commercial for this fucking book, but get it anyways(get it illegally I wont tell)


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October can suck my ass
  EvilSky, Oct 27 2009

deleted for being utterly whiny and overwhelmingly emo. I know big words yay

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Need transfer Stars -> FTP
  EvilSky, Sep 23 2009

Altho I am morally against blogging I need to transfer around 15-20k from stars to ft, smaller amounts are fine but not less than 2k preferably. Will send first to reputable posters (you know who you are )

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