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Road to 100k, a new adven

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WCG-Ben86 drama
  ClouD87, Sep 04 2016

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Best month so far
  ClouD87, Aug 31 2016

16.250€ with RB and live
never 20k BabyRage FeelsBadMan :gun:

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Living in Thailand
  ClouD87, Jul 10 2016

I'm 90% decided to go live in Thailand and play poker from there. Seems like a sweet paradise. I'll also most likely have a trip to Bangkok first in a couple weeks to check things out. Anyone is currently there and would like to meet?

I am also looking for other poker players to live there with. At the moment the plan is going alone but I love nightlife and chilling with friends so being there with another poker pro would be great fun.

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Had my first 10k month
  ClouD87, Dec 19 2015

Pretty sweet right? Just 15 months ago I started playing cashgame from scratch and now I'm about to go for midstakes! :D
The following is my last month of play. I still have too many leaks and the worst is that I look at HM2 too frequently, sometimes even during sessions. Been putting lots of hard work and it's paying off

I know the big blind winrate is pretty bad and small blind not exceptional aswell. I'm working on blinds a lot and actually 2 weeks ago big blind was at -45 and I definitely want something higher than -30 in the future.

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Road to 100k, a brand new start
  ClouD87, Oct 28 2014

Hey guys, it's ClouD, many of you already know me from Starcraft. I'm making this blog because I decided I will earn 100k by the end of next year by any means necessary. And I'm going to do it.

For the guys who have read my previous post a year ago, I started playing SNG with an italian poker school. They turned out to be big scammers, I wasted lots of time and wasn't given resources to study properly and improve. I made some money but not as much as expected and it was overall a big delusion. They actually impaired my progress and kept me ignorant as much as they could so they could keep a hamster on a wheel farming rakeback without too many questions. In the end a month ago some friends of mine made me realize what was going on, made me switch to cash and the nightmare finally ended. Trust me, it was tough, but I was still alive and I really wanted to prove myself once again I'm capable of great things if I put my heart into it :D

Some of you heard already of BestPokerCoaching and HansTheGreat (the guy who started at NL2 with 50$ and made 100k in 9 months of hard, hard work). I just applied for their coaching for profit program and he will be my coach from now on. I believe in his ability and I will try to follow his steps in my new journey. I'm going to play and study poker with all my passion and might and I will run towards my goal at the cost of killing myself. I just don't care anymore about RL, games, stupid shit and free time, all I desire at the moment is achieving the success I deserve and prove everyone I'm capable of great things at poker aswell.

I love teamliquid so this is the first place where I wrote my blog. I'll keep you guys updated, and I might also make a thread on 2+2, who knows. Cheer for me or hate me, I'll show everyone how a man will put everything he has on the line to achieve his dream!

I will be happy to talk with you guys about my experience and I will also read every post on this thread. First thing I will do is play 100k hands in 2 weeks on at NL10 zoom (I am Supernova already). I am starting today and I am super excited for my next months. Let's see how far my dedication will take me!

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