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WCG-Ben86 drama

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ClouD87   Italy. Sep 04 2016 16:45. Posts 523

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NewbSaibot   United States. Sep 04 2016 17:26. Posts 4821

Fascinating. So Ben backs out of PLO coaching after receiving free NL coaching from Doug because it would violate the NDA on his PLO decision software?

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ClouD87   Italy. Sep 04 2016 18:45. Posts 523

If it's exactly as Doug worded, EV wise this is maybe one of the sickest scams of online poker.

NewbSaibot   United States. Sep 04 2016 22:52. Posts 4821

I definitely think it's pretty douchey that Ben sits Doug at nosebleed HU game a mere 6 months later and writes it off as "welp he's spozed to be the best, dont know what he's afraid of". I can recall 6 months ago, and if some poker buddy I was shootin the shit with suddenly challenged me for rolls it would feel very recent.

listening to edzwoo has made u a nit... *sigh* - Zalfor 

TimDawg    United States. Sep 04 2016 23:38. Posts 10169

I think it's a little much with the information we currently have to label what Ben86 did as a "scam". With that said, the word "douchey" does seem very appropriate. The situation was obviously not handled well from Ben's side of things.

It also seems a bit unnecessary to divulge some of the personal information in regards to Ben86 but it is somewhat understandable to help people understand the intricacies of the situation. All in all, it does seem if all the stories in that thread are true, that Ben86 has some mental issues/self confidence issues.

Both of these guys were some of my early/current heroes in the online poker world. Hopefully it gets resolved somehow but it seems that it could get quite messy.

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Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Sep 04 2016 23:51. Posts 8321

WCG seems like a big drama queen. And lol at him sitting at PLHE 9 months later. NLHE and PLHE couldn't be more different at those stakes and edges. Those re literally 2 completely different games of poker when you are handling some 5%ish edges, if you fail to realize that then you should not be discussing it at all.

They both did mistakes, its WCG that goes out of control with unnecessary drama. Just swallow your useless pride and move on. One of the greatest poker players, but obv has personality issues. If he fails to see how that argument is hurting both of them, then the guy has real problems.

edit: actually scratch that, if he realizes it its even worse cause he d hurt himself, to hurt someone else, self destructive behaviour is usually the perfect solution for all problems ... tru dat

  Originally Posted by XFlopRRiver View Post
The real question that should be on everyone's minds: If neither of these guys act professionally, can they qualify as rec players for Guy's tournament?

the only solid comment in that thread

and its kind of funny how ppl hate on WCG considering he backs his shit up with facts 99% of the time, as in the current case except its a situation where neither s right.

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traxamillion   United States. Sep 05 2016 00:01. Posts 10350

huge scam from Ben


guy always rubbed me wrong

PolarFox   United States. Sep 05 2016 00:36. Posts 103

Anyone I've ever known in my life that was named Ben has always been a scumbag.

MezmerizePLZ    United States. Sep 05 2016 06:49. Posts 2587

Epic drama
been poppin popcorn on this today

JohnnyBologna   United States. Sep 05 2016 07:51. Posts 1395

I fail to see bens defense... he willinging got lessons when he knew there might not be a chance he wont hold up his bargain and if it doesnt work he will say im sorry? Trust no one nowadays.

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jeremy5408   United States. Sep 05 2016 10:42. Posts 122

i judged doug polk far too long because he had resting douche face, but after seeing him in some of his videos he seems like an overall nice guy.

lebowski   Greece. Sep 05 2016 14:57. Posts 8982

the horse story was hilarious

new shit has come to light... a-and... shit! man... 

DooMeR   United States. Sep 05 2016 17:29. Posts 8478

im on polks side tbh. I think hes handling it fine and in his position I also would be conflicted as to make a big deal out of it at the time considering he also had other potential deals that would yield him a lot also.

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careface_   Canada. Sep 06 2016 02:06. Posts 788

guys read the thread at least before you comment, not just the first 2-3 posts, geez

Nazgul    Netherlands. Sep 07 2016 15:57. Posts 7062

Our own AndrewSong even getting involved posting in the thread.

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