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EvilSky    Czech Republic. Mar 02 2008 04:19. Posts 8915

I really sympathize with playing timid after winning a certain amount and also playing worse when you feel the games are easy and uninteresting. Thats why when I move to another site or go up the stakes I play much better than when I am a regular at the given stakes.
Hoping to read your next article soon, gj.

SashineK   Czech Republic. Mar 02 2008 13:25. Posts 24

So true. Gr8 read. Ty Ket

n0rthf4ce    United States. Mar 02 2008 22:19. Posts 8119

excellent read, very well rounded article. 

LNinja   Canada. Mar 03 2008 20:31. Posts 328

good stuff. did you get this from the power of full engagement?

RaiNKhAN    United States. Mar 05 2008 07:06. Posts 4080

I'm going to start practicing these methods to maintain focus, because I feel there is no coincidence that somedays I play better and some days I don't since i'm somewhat inconsistent with diet/exercising/sleep schedule. A fine footprint you've left here on this site Ket, GJ.

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YoMeR   United States. Mar 07 2008 13:29. Posts 12432

Props sir. I know for sure there's times where I feel i'm playing my A+ game and other times when i'm playing much much worse. And it's not the cards it's me.

Nice tips to get started tho.

eZ Life. 

ClubbedToDeath   Bulgaria. Mar 07 2008 15:55. Posts 259

nice and very important article

SPEWTARD   Peru. Mar 08 2008 06:59. Posts 4303

very nice article i love it <3

Rise and Shine 

EscapingR   Netherlands. Mar 12 2008 05:42. Posts 2353

very nice read, next one please :D

k2o4   United States. Mar 15 2008 23:13. Posts 4803

great read 

Meat   . Mar 15 2008 23:34. Posts 3385


HachiRoku   United States. Mar 16 2008 00:26. Posts 315

I definitely need to work on this. Thanks for the great read

Shad   United Kingdom. Mar 16 2008 09:08. Posts 866

Great article, thanks.

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ShaunR   United States. Mar 16 2008 15:02. Posts 604

  On February 29 2008 09:11 Ket wrote:
[*] Don't play when tired, sleepy, hungry or thirsty, or have any other distractions that cause discomfort. Keep water within easy reach and if you need to go, don't hold it and keep playing just go.

Just to clarify, I think he for sure means in the toilet.

Wait... Right?

Bejamin1   Canada. Mar 18 2008 20:17. Posts 7042

  On February 29 2008 20:01 TalentedTom wrote:
An article like this is far better than basically any strategy article, personal maintenence is extremley important. If you are focused, discplined, and motivated you will accel much more than somsone who is out of shape, poor work ethic, and constantly sourrounded by distractions. If you take the time to really think about things, answers have a way of finding you


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SuperElmo   Bulgaria. Mar 19 2008 04:01. Posts 112

Thank you,Ket.Few are the people who are so aware and deliberate to share their knowledge with others.

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Cray0ns   United States. Mar 20 2008 15:56. Posts 993

Thanks Ket. I might actually forward this to people who get pissed when I dont answer the phone or ask them not to bother me during a session.

Also I showed several people on here graphs of my play on my desktop vs my laptop like 75k+ hands on each and the results were ridiculous. Even though I was on a 10" laptop, my results were much better and much lower variance than on my 2 monitor desktop. This goes against what might ones first impression that the desktop would have better results because I have no overlap and bigger table sizes, but I think this articles outlines a lot of what went wrong.

With the laptop I was forced into a state of flow since it required more effort, on the desktop there was more space open to distraction - i.e I could fit 8 tables PLUS AIM, pokertracker window, etc etc. Even without those things play could be more casual since I wasn't forced to toggle screens etc. My results didn't fall in line with (or exceed) my laptop success until I really focussed on keeping my concentration and eliminating these distractions.

Anyway ty.

jully   Bulgaria. Mar 21 2008 07:13. Posts 430


Stag3efright   Australia. Mar 27 2008 15:12. Posts 1

That was a very good read. Some great advice there!

Cheers. <3

kesh   Greece. Apr 01 2008 01:03. Posts 344

  On March 02 2008 21:19 n0rthf4ce wrote:
excellent read, very well rounded article.

2 things about it and smoke it 


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