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Going to LA, need weed

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lostaccount   Canada. Dec 09 2010 03:55. Posts 4349

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NeillyJQ   United States. Dec 09 2010 03:59. Posts 8947

fcking LOL!!!!!!! 5 stars

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OpWestAcct   United States. Dec 09 2010 04:14. Posts 640

Good shit. I just spent 6 days at the Commerce (I'm from Texas) at the beginning of November. Staying in the hotel is so nice cause you are an elevator and 60 yards away from some of the biggest fish ever. What's nuts is the asians! There are asians everywhere, at the tables, the dealers, the pit bosses. I don't really know what else to do... I never left the casino the entire week I was there. Also the NL games are weird. They play 40bb max. You can only buy in for $200 at 3/5 and only $400 at 5/10 and the only game higher than that is the $1500 game where the blinds are still 5/10 but doesn't even run late at night. Hope you like limit though cause there are 20/40, 40/80, and 60/120 games running constantly.

Fuck me 

casinocasino   Canada. Dec 09 2010 04:31. Posts 3343

You like fresh seafood? i know just the spot. PM for details about other stuff, i lived in LA for a few years, but im in Toronto now.

handbanana21   United States. Dec 09 2010 06:41. Posts 3037


MiPwnYa    Brasil. Dec 09 2010 12:53. Posts 5229

john youre such a gayass if u wanted to to get some sunshine u couda visited me me in Rio u goddam cockface

enjoy your trip tho

Stim_Abuser   United States. Dec 09 2010 14:34. Posts 7499

i live like an hour away from LA.

you can go to venice beach and on the boardwalk get a medical marijuana card for like 100$ and then buy really really good medical marijuana legally. just say you have insomnia or w/e and they will give it to you on the spot.

plus venice beach is a pretty cool place to go.

if you dont want to go through that just about every 16-25 year old will likely have some. if you cant meet any connections on lp as sketchy as it sounds just ask around lol. its fucking southern california.

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Highcard   Canada. Dec 09 2010 22:17. Posts 5428

Do not pass go, Go Directly to Jail. Seems no worth it bro, 9 days of commerce rape and when you get back to beautiful BC spend the profitson the dankest dank dnak durk dargg

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lostaccount   Canada. Apr 24 2022 20:17. Posts 4349

Peace is the way

Time for war in order for peace . i come in peace if ur looking for war i give u war peace 


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