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king nine.

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shaneomac   United States. May 16 2006 23:55. Posts 4245

ever since i saw the 2004 ME FT where arieh plays the K9h in the three way pot ive for some reason always felt compelled to play it. im not the type of person to see how they play on tv and go emulate it. this isnt what this is. i was just wondering about your opinion as to the value of K9. in tournaments, for example, is it the type of hand you would push to try to steal blinds when u need to pick up chips in a turbo...would you raise with it at all, and if so from what positions?

anything else you would like to offer about this hand id appreciate it!


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vvvQ   . May 17 2006 00:09. Posts 2134

if the blinds are worth stealing in deeperin a tournament i'd definately raise K9 from the cutoff + or button to take blinds if it was folded to me

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Suicide   United States. May 17 2006 00:45. Posts 482

My personal Favorite hand. Although I don't play it that often, I definately agree with vvvQ. Wishbone never fails, didn't you watch the PBS show?

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BigRed0000    United States. May 17 2006 02:15. Posts 3554

shitty hand, but it's worth raising w/ to steal blinds.

Red9   Canada. May 17 2006 02:21. Posts 7447

coincidently i was just dealt K9 on 2 tables, clubs and diamonds , decent hand imo, late position raise sometimes can be effective

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MaidenFan   United States. May 23 2006 03:33. Posts 450

At the 75/150 lvl of a PS tourney I'll raise this hand everytime if it's folded to me on the button. In fact I'll raise 80% of hands if it's folded to me on the button. Same in the bb, if it's blind vs blind. I'm more selective from the sb though in bvb cuz i hate playing oop.

That's the extent i'll play K9 in a full table game (short handed is obviously a different story). This is the type of hand that can get you trapped so easily, it's not worth playing in general. I'd prolly never play this hand in a cash game unless i'm in the blinds and it's not raised. It's an awful hand.

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The72o   Zimbabwe. May 23 2006 06:21. Posts 6112

I prefer KTs

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aseq   Netherlands. May 23 2006 08:31. Posts 894

i don't really like it. Best thing is arguably flopping a straight, after which you still die to AK. So if you're only playing to hit the K's or 9's, you might as well play 37s.

Jelle   Belgium. May 23 2006 10:25. Posts 3394

i'd play it sometimes if there was an ante

Logiabs~   Colombia. May 23 2006 10:42. Posts 9133

i play it form the button o.o

JonnyCosMo   United States. May 23 2006 18:14. Posts 7292

I dont like it... K9, Q9, QT, J9, KT, KJ... those are all trouble hands. Those are auto-muck if your out of position, and auto-muck if someone open-raises in front of you. I only enjoy playing them if I open-raise myself.

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KasperC   Denmark. May 24 2006 02:30. Posts 77

In 6-handed NL-cash I play QTs J9s KTs and (KJ and Q9s I mix up from UTG) from ANY position. K9 I don't really like though, and I probably only play it from button/cut off.

EnorD   United States. May 24 2006 13:13. Posts 199


my favorite hand
has to be suited, though
and the king has to come first
then i will play it

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decafchicken   . May 24 2006 16:26. Posts 536


For some reason i like k-9 better than k-10.

SleepyHead   . Feb 25 2018 22:59. Posts 878

I play K9 from any position

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