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RiKD    United States. Sep 26 2022 03:26. Posts 8611
That is the name of the last song or sound trip I made. It's not hopeless but I need to get a lot better to reach Burial or Aphex-Twin status (getting that good probably is hopeless). I want to learn how to create my own sounds. Then, arrange those sounds into something I like. I shouldn't really concern myself with what others are doing anyways and just do my own thing but right now my own thing is a mashup of sounds that is sometimes cool and other times not. Oh well, it's something to do anyway. I still have my guitar. I am learning a new scale this week which isn't too hard to learn at all but internalizing it and playing it with my eyes closed is a different matter! It's interesting the contrast between digital music and a guitar. It's kind of cool to create the chord shapes and make sure my fingers are in the right positions and also that I am striking the string optimally as well. But, it's also amazing the power of the DAW and how many sounds are out there and how many more there are by fucking with stuff.

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RiKD    United States. Sep 27 2022 02:17. Posts 8611

I'm sorry for the title. While accurate I realize it may have been more exciting than what the blog entails.

Truth is my life is not that interesting. I sort clothes by day and immerse myself in music at night. Of course, I would like in person social interactions but we are so god damn atomized. At least I am.

Wagey wagey get back in cagey and I have to wake up extra early. I hope there isn't much traffic. I'll just be late god damn it.

RiKD    United States. Sep 30 2022 02:43. Posts 8611

Uh oh. All I have is work and music and the music isn't working currently. In a bit of a slump. Trashing everything I compose. Barely feel like playing the guitar. I am thinking about buying a hardware synthesizer.

I probably need some video games to get through this. Any suggestions? (I have a Switch and a Lenovo ThinkPad from like 2014)

PoorUser    United States. Oct 01 2022 20:56. Posts 7471

Hollow Knight and Celeste are awesome if you like metroidvanias or platformers, respectively. Music from both is dope.

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RiKD    United States. Oct 04 2022 03:25. Posts 8611

Thanks for the suggestions. I kind of powered through with music but there will be a time where I will need the vidya.

vurna   . Oct 27 2022 19:58. Posts 124

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