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RiKD    United States. Aug 07 2022 05:36. Posts 8083
I worked my ass off the last few days. Up for a promotion the performance machine was running all systems go. In fact, I'm making sure my phone is right next to me if they call me in tomorrow.

High Alone by Sevdaliza. Go like 4mg of Xanax. That will cut the heaviness of working overtime on extreme rushed, hectic, frantic time. If I'm not careful I will be lost on the undead time. I have to work frantically to have a chance at the GOOD PUSS. I don't think I can truly think under these conditions. The music is too loud. The key strokes are too loud. It's too active. In order to contemplate properly I need to slow down and be still. There is too much information on here.

I hope to keep it simple tomorrow. If I'm not working go to the beach and watch the birds and feel the breeze. Maybe read a novel and take a nap. Of course, play the guitar. I got a metronome which is helping a lot. I also got a wahwah pedal (Crybaby) that is pretty fun. Maybe 1 day I will be able to play White Room by Cream in it's entirety or Voodoo Child by Jimi Hendrix.

What are some other classic wahwah pedal songs?

What would LP have me play?

Hah... There are only like 10 ppl reading this...

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Loco   Canada. Aug 07 2022 10:00. Posts 20947

Aren't you playing through some really low power amp? Doesn't make sense to invest in niche pedals with that. It gets expensive fast and it's only worth if you're committed to a decent tube amp setup and you got the basics covered already. Use the money to get a decent solid state amp with decent wattage and some stomps/effects already on it, or get some kind of interface to hook up to a PC that will have lots of effects to choose from. It makes playing a lot more fun.

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RiKD    United States. Aug 07 2022 16:58. Posts 8083

10W Amp:

Do you have any suggestions for the next step amp? Do I really need it now if I'm still covering the basics?

I have a Steinberg UR12 interface. I guess I'll try and get that all hooked up today.

dnagardi   Hungary. Aug 07 2022 19:45. Posts 1772

tool- schism

RiKD    United States. Aug 07 2022 19:49. Posts 8083

I wanna learn Jambi, 7empest, or Descending

RiKD    United States. Aug 07 2022 19:51. Posts 8083

schism is a great song but that is such a bass song to play

Loco   Canada. Aug 07 2022 20:35. Posts 20947

No you don't but you also don't need fancy pedals that probably cost more than your amp. Priorities are usually getting a full EQ first, then reverb/delay/distortion/chorus effects. Flanger and wah arent used by beginners.

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RiKD    United States. Aug 07 2022 23:12. Posts 8083

EQ and all of that just seems like a lot to think about. I realize I bought something out of order. I am not a performing nor a recording artist so I don't need any of it really. The one defense for the wah is that it is fun. It's not like it doesn't work with my amp. I suppose I regret the purchase overall since I don't need the wah and can't utilize it properly but I'm not going to sell it either.

I'm a guitar noob. I'm going to do some stupid things from time to time.

I don't even know what EQ is really.

I already have a distortion effects pedal and was thinking of getting this:

but I don't really need a delay. I don't really need distortion it's just fun and I don't really need wah but it's fun too. I'm in this for more than just experience machine happiness but fun is an aspect that I am looking for.

RiKD    United States. Aug 07 2022 23:24. Posts 8083

I did just hookup my distortion pedal, wah pedal, hit overdrive on my amp and go kind of loud and I thought it might blow up. The wah does not have a great tone to it with my amp. The distortion too is like I'm driving one of those small fiat cars. I don't mind it's clean sound at all though.

Loco   Canada. Aug 08 2022 00:09. Posts 20947

You would have a basic EQ on any decent amp. On yours you only have the Treble part. It's sufficient for learning and having some fun, but considering your amp is worth almost nothing, it makes no sense to throw a pedal setup in front of it. Like that delay pedal you linked is worth more than your whole setup together? It's ridiculous. Like buying a $200 bike lock for a $20 bike or something.

As for recommendations with a low budget, I know noobs like using Line 6 a lot. With a computer there's the line 6 pod, but as a standalone unit there's the Spider combo amp with lots of effects included. My brother is basically a semi-pro and he still uses a fairly cheap Spider 60. Marshall and VOX both have good options for modeling amps. Just search for a modeling amp, 20 to 30 watts should be a good upgrade. I think a Fender Champion 20 would probably be a very solid upgrade for not much money. For not much more money you could get the 40 watts or 50 watts version that will have a bigger, better sounding speaker as well, and be set for many years.

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RiKD    United States. Aug 08 2022 04:40. Posts 8083

Just bought the Fender Champion 50XL. It has 12 tones and 12 effects that come with the amp. Can't wait to try it out and hear how it sounds!

 Last edit: 08/08/2022 04:41

RiKD    United States. Aug 08 2022 06:04. Posts 8083

We are thrown into this existence but we have time to adjust. As a species in existence we fucking dropped the ball. Terrestrially it is a big fucking deal. The universe will not even shrug. It's not even about whether or not I can have a slow breakfast with coffee in the morning. I'm a slave. Just so I can buy nice amplifiers or hoard money for no good reason at all. Well, the car needs maintenance. Yeah, the car needs maintenance. Maybe I'll buy a Gibson Les Paul. Shanzhai or original?

I am in need of a moonwell to sip from. An injured Druid of the Claw. I am not truly resting. I am recovering from work for work. A novel and a nap served its purpose as well as lying and lingering. The truth is I want to get high. I want to escape the consciousness of the gaps. I don't want the consequences though and I know it will not give me a reprieve from bummer consciousness. So, I sit. I just sit. The music is going but I just sit. I sit and I type.

I remember when I was manic sometime, probably in the winter or fall. I had a reversed sleep schedule. I would wake up at midnight and have something sugary with coffee, paint for a few hours and then drive down to the local Waffle House to socialize. I did this every day for 2 weeks. As my mania progressed I think I forget my wallet or my cards were cancelled. They were so nice to me. I went in to draw one day and they could tell I was troubled. They gave me some cake and coffee for free and genuinely seem to care about me giving me hugs and wishing me well. There is magic to that particular location. I've driven by many times since then but have not stopped since that last night. I really wish to go there at 2am on a weekday but that is not logistically possible at the moment. I am going to sleep at normal times and it is better for me.

I don't want to give up the ramblin' lifestyle though. I miss it. I know as I take more responsibility at work that grows less and less. Life becomes a little more structured and rigid. That is also probably more healthy for me and my bipolar.

I suppose it's about as good a time as any to go to sleep but I am kind of enjoying the music. Peace out compadres.

RiKD    United States. Aug 08 2022 06:24. Posts 8083

RiKD    United States. Aug 08 2022 06:26. Posts 8083

Loco   Canada. Aug 10 2022 14:10. Posts 20947

Enjoy the new amp, it looks awesome. I'm enjoying playing some Knocked Loose and heavy stuff on my new Kemper profiler.

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Baalim   Mexico. Aug 11 2022 06:58. Posts 34214

  On August 10 2022 13:10 Loco wrote:
Enjoy the new amp, it looks awesome. I'm enjoying playing some Knocked Loose and heavy stuff on my new Kemper profiler.

Saw the band's name and I expected some mongolian throat-sing metal.... dissapointed_hercules.jpg

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Liquid`Drone   Norway. Aug 11 2022 17:00. Posts 3086

If that's what you want, check this out.

lol POKER 

Loco   Canada. Aug 11 2022 23:24. Posts 20947

where's the metal

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RiKD    United States. Aug 12 2022 04:16. Posts 8083

On the bright side my new amp came in and it is amazing! Although Loco had to one up me ridiculous daaayyyuuummm (Kemper profiler).

On the down side I still have to work to survive. My medical bills are just going to be more than normal people and it's tough to keep track of it all. I don't know why insurance didn't cover this or that. That's a part-time job in itself...

I found out today I did not get the manager job. I think it was all good and part of the process. My manager is going to sign me up for leadership training next month and it is known I am looking for that job.

On the way home my check engine light came on... Honestly, it will just be a chunk of cash and inconvenience to solve the problem most likely. It's not fun but it is part of driving an old car into the ground. This is why I have been saving up money because I knew this day would come. Which is also not fun. I don't like hoarding money and I never have. I am getting a feeling of fuck the world. God knows it's a task to un-fuck the world. But, those pertty, full tones coming from that amplifier man. Maybe that makes life worth living. That is one saving grace.

I started reading In Search Of Lost Time by Marcel Proust because Byung-Chul Han likes it and it is Chris Hedges favorite book allegedly. I'm not really far enough into it to give any sort of review. It's quite nice. I don't know if I am running to read it before I fall asleep though. Doesn't feel like one of those type of books. I'm going to do it anyway.

Twitter is a weird experience for me now. I just feel bombarded by mostly un-useful information. The algorithm seducing everyone to scroll faster and faster. It's all a trap. This website isn't as bad. We have to read the thread titles and so forth. There is sometimes a little bit more substance. Reddit ist nicht so gut. Apparently there are some good sub-reddits. I wouldn't really know. Seducing us with images and videos. YouTube even has YouTube shorts now which are like Zoom poker for YouTube. It can't be good for the brain.

I'm just trying to wind down after a rough day. I don't have wine or weed or benzos or booze.

RiKD    United States. Aug 12 2022 04:26. Posts 8083

I don't have any metal suggestions. I met a guy who is into metal and he suggested Periphery and I listened to them and they just didn't cut it for me so I don't ask him for more suggestions. Knocked Loose is the shit and Kublai Khan are a natural progression. Mostly my Spotify drops the ball a bit with this sub-genre though.

I was listening to Apparat -- Walls tonight. He has an appropriately named song called Useless Information and this is probably my favorite from that album:


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