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lostaccount   Canada. Sep 16 2021 18:50. Posts 5366

any lper want to play some nl50-100 home games. ill make a club that is rake free

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Oddeye   Canada. Sep 16 2021 22:09. Posts 5086

If we get a couple of people I'm up for it.

lostaccount   Canada. Sep 16 2021 22:31. Posts 5366

yea lets try to get at leasr 4


lostaccount   Canada. Sep 17 2021 20:35. Posts 5366

yep lp has maybe a handful of poker players left


RiKD    United States. Sep 18 2021 02:06. Posts 7817

Come play steam games with me

lostaccount   Canada. Sep 18 2021 04:03. Posts 5366

haha we will see maybe in the future, what games r u playing atm rikd? i still only play brood war atm

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RiKD    United States. Sep 18 2021 17:42. Posts 7817

I am trying to play Dota 2 on Steam and League of Legends but I am not sure if my 2009 Macbook Pro can handle the games. I downloaded with zero problems but when I try to play them it doesn't work. I have never played either game but was ok at Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne which Dota (and LoL) derived from.

I also want to play Diablo II: Remastered (Resurrected) but when looking up the game I kept seeing stories about how the game director and culture at Blizzard is really bad. Blizzard outsourced the remastering of Diablo II to a different company that had nothing to do with that allegedly. I don't know what to think about it exactly.

Oddeye   Canada. Sep 18 2021 18:36. Posts 5086

I love frozen throne but honestly the w3 remaster pissed me off so much I refuse to buy it. And it seems undoable to play without it.

Btw did you ever try the w3 mods with new races? I can't remember the name on top of my head but it's kinna fun. You can even play the AI.

RiKD    United States. Sep 18 2021 18:59. Posts 7817

Yeah, I have looked into it. Blizzard didn't want anyone to play unless it was remastered (Reforged). Reforged is unplayable and unwatchable though. It's a shame. I was watching Grubby's Twitch for a period of time and the pros found a way around it. I think someone created a new for W3: TFT but I don't know exactly how they were doing it.

I am unsure what you are talking about irt mods. I didn't really play custom games besides some micro games because I thought my time was better spent laddering or private 1v1. I played some DOTA but just thought it was another filthy casual game and didn't think too much about it.

Oddeye   Canada. Sep 18 2021 20:48. Posts 5086

No it's a melee custom mod, it's just new races with new heroes and new abilities. It certainly isn't as balanced as the true melee mode, but it is very fun nonetheless. I'll find the name eventually, is where I found it, there are some newer one too.

Just something to toy around for fun factor. Play a couple of games with new stuff but same general mechanics.

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Sep 19 2021 01:49. Posts 9634

Poker so dead here that a poker thread gets turned into a video game thread

RiKD    United States. Sep 19 2021 03:00. Posts 7817

Vidya is way more fun than grinding nl50. If I had $500 to grind that game I'd spend it on building a desktop pc that could actually cover some requirements for fun games. 2009 Macbook Pro there may be like 10 games I can play in existence but I'm not going to play fucking WoW or Starcraft II.

lostaccount, Let's get a backing arrangement together. I'll move to PA and clean up PLO until I profit $500 so I can build a pc then we can game together!

lostaccount   Canada. Sep 19 2021 04:07. Posts 5366

im good rikd im done staking poker, it has been nothing but trouble

ask some big ballas on LP to stake not me i aint that rich yet

a lot less cash rich than when i was younger but im a lot happier though so i am way richer in terms of lifewise

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