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incontrol passed away

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asdf2000   United States. Jul 23 2019 13:58. Posts 7472

I imagine most of the community here already knows, but I didn't see a thread about it.

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balakubak   . Jul 23 2019 14:11. Posts 146

RIP brother.

Trav94   Canada. Jul 23 2019 14:13. Posts 1772

Just saw that. RIP to a legend

Santafairy   Korea (South). Jul 23 2019 16:04. Posts 1819

oh no

look after yourselves everyone

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locoo   Peru. Jul 23 2019 16:48. Posts 4550

Damn, i remember him being one of the most level headed guys, when most of us were super young and inmature. RIP dude.

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Raidern   Brasil. Jul 23 2019 19:19. Posts 4234

yea i read it on tl, that was sad news. may him rip.

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dnagardi   Hungary. Jul 23 2019 19:40. Posts 1695

yea saw this on TL....very sad news
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Defrag   Poland. Jul 23 2019 21:00. Posts 4814

Jesus, very sad to hear

Liquid`Drone   Norway. Jul 23 2019 22:06. Posts 2941

ya real sad. He had grown up in a really good way. Always enjoyed his casts, guy was genuinely funny.

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Chewits   United Kingdom. Jul 23 2019 22:12. Posts 2538

Cant believe that. Shocked to hear. Life is short. RIP

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Baalim   Mexico. Jul 24 2019 05:47. Posts 33573

so young, at least it was quick and painless :<

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Luna_Bluffgood   Germany. Jul 24 2019 19:21. Posts 1217

RIP geoff. Very sad to hear. He ment so much to a lot of people. So much sadness on TL and twitter these days

Daut    United States. Jul 25 2019 00:29. Posts 8913

Geoff was extremely genuine. Every emotion or feeling he showed was authentic: tilt, gratitude, happiness, anger, empathy, understanding. He was funny, smart, likable, caring, passionate, self aware, and inspiring -- he made those around him happier and better people. What a loss. Was only acquaintances with him for 2-3 years and watched his streams or commentary a handful of times since, but still having trouble processing this. Will miss him.

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HungarianGOD   . Jul 25 2019 07:01. Posts 459

Never knew him super well but battled with him a lot in the earlier SC2 days, and he was always a gentlemen. Really saddens me to hear about such a tragic loss of life.

RIP incontrol


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