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Nofap bet

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hiems   United States. Jul 21 2018 01:00. Posts 1499
I'm looking to book some sort of nofap challenge. Doesn't have to be for much and I'm ok with just competing vs myself and maybe if I lose I do something for charity.

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RiKD    United States. Jul 21 2018 02:56. Posts 5438

Just do no fap. The libido is a mosquito buzzing around. It will pass. A mosquito, my libido.

The first is:

Happiest man on the planet but don't call him that

The second is Kurt Cobain.

I got 7 months of no fap one time. I used to be in the shower horny laughing singing "a mosquito, my libido, yeah!" Then it just becomes kind of natural. I don't remember any profound differences either fapping or not fapping. Fapping quells sexual tension, feels like it makes me a bit calmer, and seems like it helps me fall asleep. No fap I probably have a bit more energy and I don't have to worry about what I jizz on and I am not wasting time watching pornography. That may or may not be illusory experience + bro science.

Have at it.... I mean have at it not having at it.

I may join you. I don't like being attracted by pornography and it is really just compulsion. The liberation through orgasm is not real. There is no freedom there. Only minor temporary pleasure.

PuertoRican   United States. Jul 21 2018 06:06. Posts 11485

Good luck with everything~

Rekrul is a newb 

hiems   United States. Jul 21 2018 12:04. Posts 1499

@rikd my motivation for this is not for some sort of self discovery or happiness journey like that article. Not even really about wasting time either.
@puertorican thanks

I'll write as a comment on this blog post something I decide on and freeroll some charity or something. Want something to keep me accountable.

Santafairy   Korea (South). Jul 22 2018 15:52. Posts 1430

  On July 21 2018 11:04 hiems wrote:
Want something to keep me accountable.

It seems to be not very profitable in the long run to play those kind of hands. - Gus Hansen 

hiems   United States. Jul 22 2018 19:23. Posts 1499

oh wow look it's another santafairy troll post the guy we know pretty much 0 irl information about.

Rinny   United States. Jul 24 2018 14:45. Posts 597

I'll do it jerking off a lot since I stopped cigarettes

hiems   United States. Jul 25 2018 01:28. Posts 1499

^ yea man quit. iirc your alot younger than me so wise choice.

don't want to book the bet against you. I think its better to just each just pick some charity to contribute to if you lose the bet. I having a bit of trouble deciding which charity at the moment.

I'm going to start with $500 bet for 2 months nofap to some organization I haven't decided yet. If I make it I'll still donate some smaller amount.

Rinny   United States. Jul 25 2018 03:43. Posts 597

ok yeah 500 over 2 months.

PuertoRican   United States. Jul 25 2018 06:08. Posts 11485

You better provide pics of your ball sack.

Need to make sure you don't look empty/drained at any point.

Rekrul is a newb 

RiKD    United States. Jul 25 2018 11:15. Posts 5438

Libido is like a buzzing mosquito, let it pass (charity)

Rinny   United States. Jul 25 2018 15:09. Posts 597

Okay I'm starting today, if I fail I'll make a post then take a screenshot of the receipt showing donations to charity

hiems   United States. Jul 25 2018 19:04. Posts 1499

@PuertoRican Haha
@rikd still not sure about which charity

Yea I'll do the same. GL~

RiKD    United States. Jul 26 2018 01:27. Posts 5438

Let's start a discussion about charity:

The reason I like Karuna-Sechen is that there is only 9% overhead on the gross donations. 100% of the money donated goes to the projects not administration, bureaucracy, or higher level people in the organization. Hell, the guy who founded it is a Buddhist monk who gives all the profits from his books to this charity (likely covering overhead).

"With your help, we will:

-Plant kitchen gardens to fight malnutrition
-Offer vocational training and adult education to under-served women.
-Build, renovate and/or support schools and childcare centers in remote villages in India and Nepal
-Increase the number of mobile medical clinics in Nepal and India
-Install solar lighting systems in remote village households
-Build a school in a remote mountain area is Nepal
And more…"

What charities are you thinking of donating to hiems? (so I can try to tear them apart)

I was just on the phone with my brother talking about this. Pelotonia is one him and his wife put a lot of money into but it's basically for cancer research so basically a charity to help rich people maybe live longer and the pharmaceuticals to clean up. It sound pretty horrible.

Many charities are not that great so it is important to not support them and support the charities that are doing great. I also like hearing about great charities so ¡Vamos!

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hiems   United States. Jul 26 2018 04:25. Posts 1499

^ I think I will just decide later, thanks tho.

Loco   Canada. Jul 26 2018 08:19. Posts 19777

Read up on GiveWell before you decide.

For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. (Mencken) 

Rinny   United States. Jul 26 2018 23:11. Posts 597

Day 1 had a weed and Adderall relapse dream, weird start lol.

RiKD    United States. Jul 27 2018 02:32. Posts 5438

Are you in recovery Rinny?

Rinny   United States. Jul 27 2018 03:50. Posts 597

I was never compulsive about other stuff besides weed, didn't like alcohol that much. I quit weed, Buddhism and yoga say not to do intoxicants so I stopped drinking as well. I basically just try to do what my Buddha and yoga books tell me to do now, that's my life plan. I like the idea from AA of praying to a higher power even if you don't really believe in it. At first I would say "buddha" in my head and have like a logical construct that I was praying to an idea of higer ideals or blah blah blah but I would end up just saying "God" when I tried to pray so now I just say god and try not to think about it too much.

I don't really think of myself as being "in recovery" because from an eastern perspective their isn't much distinction between drug addiction and any other attachments so I don't really think of my drug stuff as that different from attachment to jerking off, or external validation.

Actually what I've come to realize about drugs is it's actually a blessing in a way because you can just not do drugs. With all of our other attachments things aren't as clear.

RiKD    United States. Jul 27 2018 15:33. Posts 5438

Yeah, I hear you man. My suffering and craving can show up in almost any activity. Tinder, jerking off, posting blogs, food, etc. I totally agree on the external validation. We are grasping at pleasure. It never truly works. May all beings be happy, may all beings be at ease, may all beings be free of suffering, may all beings reduce dissatisfaction, may all beings find peace, may all beings find serenity. That was my loving-kindness meditation "mantra" this morning.

Yeah, totally agree on substances. I just abstain and it is pretty clear. On the ones I listed above I can just abstain except for food. Food wise I just do my best to eat enough and not use it as a pleasure or anesthetic. Which is really difficult to do. If my mom makes a delicious sweet potato, carrot, mango, ginger curry it is going to taste amazing and be pleasurable to eat and I am going to crave a second serving or more pleasurable food. I was out at a nice restaurant and had a delicious vegetarian pasta and I immediately want to run off to my favorite ice cream shop for a gooey butter cake on a waffle cone. I think ideally everyone eats a vegan diet but I have found for me that a mostly vegan with some vegetarian is where I am at right now. I don't really eat eggs, I have found a pea milk (ripple) that is pretty good so I don't drink milk, but cheese and ice cream seem to get me. Not that I am eating a lot of it but if a dish has some pesto in it or some asiago cheese or feta cheese I will just eat it as the chef intended. At home I eat almost entirely vegan unless my mom cooks up a vegetarian lasagna or something. Oh, I still eat fried food. Not as much but many times the only thing I can get on the menu is fried oysters and at that point many times I just get fries on the side. I never bother to ask if it is fried in peanut oil or not and that technically wouldn't matter anyway as other meats would be fried in the same frier?

Rinny, you are in the USA you might like Refuge Recovery. It is a Buddhist path to recovery. This is what it is branded (if you don't like the whole "recovery" idea). It is basically learning Buddhism as it relates to addiction as it relates to suffering and craving. Many times they are held in yoga studios. I have found a lot of really cool and knowledgable people there. In a meeting you go over the 4 noble truths, the eightfold path, then there is meditation, and then you typically read out of the Refuge Recovery book and discuss what you read or just discuss meditation, Buddhism and spirituality in general. Here is a Meeting Finder if you are interested. If anything it is nice to get out of the house and practice meditation and get to know some people with their own voices and gazes and stories who are on somewhat similar journeys. You can help people. People can help you. You never really can predict how it will happen exactly it just does.


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