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6s9c 5/10/20(2) BvB

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wobbly_au   Australia. Oct 30 2017 11:40. Posts 6540

Preflop (7handed folded to BB who Limps to my in the straddle)
BB is a regular, likes to win pots, feels like the type that gets commited and plays for egos when bluffing but he doesnt do this everyhand but likes to "take a stand" this could be one of those spots.

BB limps (3.6k effective)
I check

Flop (61)
BB Checks
I bet 40
he raises to 134
I call

Turn (329)
He bets 219
I call

River (767)
He bets 511
I ?? (

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Daut    United States. Oct 30 2017 19:31. Posts 8955

Any reads on his sb v bb strategy?

Think it's a call -- you block no diamonds, block a 9, he has enough diamonds/23/24/34/37 combos to justify it, and with your read the small but non trivial chance he is mashing buttons improves equity a tick too.

Any reads on how thin he vbets? Definitely Kx but would he bet 8x? Don't think that would swing it to a raise though, should be a small % of his range regardless.

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wobbly_au   Australia. Oct 31 2017 03:25. Posts 6540

I've been pushing him and the whole table around and going alot of non showdown, hes been caught bet folding on turn versus me.

I dont know specifics about his limping strategy but Im sure it isn't balanced and is heavily skewed toward rubbish hands with very few real hands.

I agree that even if he vbets 8X 99 TT JJ QQ and always folds to raise I still dont think its good to shove here. The reason why I didn't snap this river given my read is that I think he is BAD enough to be bluffing with 89 and 87 but I also think he has random stuff like Q7 A2 JT etc.

I called and he turned Q8o, we love our call right? Im mostly sure he thought he was bluffing with Q8. (I know this sounds crazy)

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handbanana21   United States. Oct 31 2017 21:24. Posts 3037

I think he was value betting. esp if hes one of those 36/24 type china reg. In my experience they pot it when they are polarized.

wobbly_au   Australia. Nov 01 2017 05:03. Posts 6540

so fold unless pot sized bet? I dont think they are THAT exploitive..

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handbanana21   United States. Nov 01 2017 13:24. Posts 3037

I think generally our hand plays better as a flop check back, esp when our top pair completes 78. But as played I would feel more comfortable raising since i think he is value betting thinly. And vs a pot size i would call or fold. (leaning towards a fold. would call with a6+)

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Nov 05 2017 16:41. Posts 15162

holy shit he owned you there :O

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Nov 05 2017 16:44. Posts 15162

why'd you call A6 btw handa over this
Doubt these guys have BvB mixed strategy good enough to flat A5 a lot
so blocking the 79 95 seems better to me here
He just raped wobbly, sick bet I wouldn't expect from these guys :O (seems like clear value to me)
would he really do it with A6?

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Nov 05 2017 16:46. Posts 15162

The previous streets
Did he have the Qh at least or completely random Q8o

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