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Whats the HUD/Software people use these days? - Page 2

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Baalim   Mexico. Oct 19 2017 13:07. Posts 33589

i hate companies that charge monthly subscriptions to shit that doesnt need a subscription, I try my hardest not to give them my money, so could you expand a little bit more on hem3 ?

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drone666   Brasil. Oct 20 2017 17:22. Posts 1782

What do you want to know exactly ?
I uninstalled but still have the key. Hand2note is a much better option except for the filters and reports session, would have to use pt4 for this

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chipsnhand   United States. Oct 23 2017 23:59. Posts 55

Thanks for the info. more reason for me to stick with my new HUD.

Can you please tell us what they added in the new hm3?

chipsnhand   United States. Nov 15 2017 00:07. Posts 55

The HUD im using now automatically takes notes, pretty helpful when your multi-tabling.

mathewcrew   Ukraine. Sep 24 2019 10:35. Posts 3

Is it possible to connect Holdem Manager if I play on Bodog? How can I to display Hud (statistics) on the tables in this room?

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Sep 24 2019 15:22. Posts 15125

graphical hud seems nice

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LemOn[5thF]   Czech Republic. Sep 24 2019 23:54. Posts 15125

its from 2017
and HM3 still not out?

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Defrag   Poland. Oct 04 2019 15:43. Posts 4814

Not sure if with all the changes going around they dropped the development. Pretty much every room thats alive and has any traffic has huds/live tracking banned

SpasticInk   Sweden. Oct 05 2019 15:12. Posts 6292

I have a license you can have if you want. Dont play and no need anymore. Hold em Manager II.Not sure how it works though, maybe its connected to my email only.


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