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How to read people in poker

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Rapoza   Brasil. Jun 24 2017 02:22. Posts 1612

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Trav94   Canada. Jun 24 2017 05:25. Posts 1752

  On June 24 2017 01:22 Rapoza wrote:
I've seen once in a tournament a guy trying to drink an empty bottle of water while bluffing in a big hand

Is it possible that you're a "bad reg"?

whamm!   Albania. Jun 26 2017 02:58. Posts 11625

people who are getting massaged have nothing almost always lol

VanDerMeyde   Norway. Jun 27 2017 12:36. Posts 4961

"if people act weak they are strong, if they act strong they are weak"

Very often true for live fish and sometimes online regs with little live experience i found. But usually I have to play for a while with someone to find any live tell. And sometimes the live fish are so extremly into "live tells" that they think the entire game is about it. These type of fish can acctually be better at it than most grinders (!)

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gawdawaful   Canada. Jun 28 2017 03:19. Posts 8845

If you plan on ever playing live poker, be it cash or donkaments, you'd be stupid to ignore live tells.

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YoMeR   United States. Jul 05 2017 21:26. Posts 12397

try to construct accurate ranges for multiple spots vs villain in live tables first and foremost. That said no point of constructing a range if villain falls out of his chair when the flop is dealt too..

There's a wealth of information at live games it's incredible. Within the first hour or so of play if you have not picked up any significant tells or relevant information about at least 1-2 people's ranges then you are most certainly doing it wrong or the game is especially tough <--(very unlikely) Pay attention to people when you are not in hands. What they are looking at, demeanor, micro expressions etc can all be huge indicators about how comfortable villain is in that spot, his hand strength blah blah. Pay especially close attention to big turn/river spots and showdown hands. These types of spots is where you can get the most information about players. But...don't be one of those idiot try hards that just staring down everyone at every moment in the game please, it's stupid and bad for the game.

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YoMeR   United States. Jul 05 2017 21:31. Posts 12397

Also doesn't really apply unless you playing 5-10++ in live games but I would also be very aware of your own body language and "ticks" and micro expressions. Hell, sometimes I find that some fish are extremely good at reading body language and picking up on micro expressions than most pros. But you can also trick them since they almost always rely 100% on those kinda "reads"

You can't be competent at this stuff over a short period of time. Takes many hours of practice and experience to build up knowledge and experience to become good at it. Like anything else, practice makes perfect.

eZ Life. 

Delass   United States. Aug 04 2017 04:42. Posts 10

You need to know first their attitude they way they are holding their cards. If they are holding and looking at their card too much it means that they have a good to best cards. If they are not looking at their card too often it means they have the best hand.

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lucky331   . Aug 04 2017 05:47. Posts 1124

why does the rag head guy keep saying "vines protruding", doesnt he mean veins?

Florence   Canada. Jul 17 2018 08:11. Posts 1


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traxamillion   United States. Jul 17 2018 10:30. Posts 10465

anyone else tilted by the new thing where everyone akwardly covers their face with their shirt or hoodie or whatever?

Was some new super live tell discovered where it is vital to hide your neck and lower half of your face? I swear i see people doing this shit everywhere; including the majority of the current high roller fields.

whammbot   Belarus. Jul 18 2018 06:28. Posts 397

soo people will be leaving a tablet and make decisions from a remote computer, like online lol

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Cassiopia1   . Dec 24 2018 02:38. Posts 11

Always connect community bro :>

VanDerMeyde   Norway. Jan 01 2019 10:11. Posts 4961

If I play long enough with people live I tend to pick up some tells here and there. Especially for recreationals. Its kind of automatic if you just pay attention.

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DiamondCat   Hungary. Jan 23 2019 17:36. Posts 11

Don't rely too heavily on tells. Just see how much and how confidently the opponent bets. Is it betting for value or trying to make me fold?

VanDerMeyde   Norway. Jan 27 2019 11:14. Posts 4961

We have one guy that breaths really heaviliy when he doesnt like the situation he is in.

He is station that rarely bluffs, but I can for sure know he didnt hit flush for example if third spade on the river. So tells are really usefull imo

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NewbSaibot   United States. Mar 12 2019 09:08. Posts 4839

I remember these guys needling a 2/5 pro about all his tells, I've seen the man's live tracker, he consistently pulled 75k+ per year with several thousand hours combined.

listening to edzwoo has made u a nit... *sigh* - ZalforLast edit: 12/03/2019 09:09

LeadYes   United States. Jun 20 2019 12:23. Posts 1

Hello. I have been playing for 8 years, I often win. I'm not sure that this will help you, you see - at a professional level, this can play a trick on you (bluff is so popular). I tried all the games from the casino rating and I advise you to find something similar for yourself - there is no easy way for a professional game, just experience.

balakubak   . Jun 25 2019 03:36. Posts 103

  On March 12 2019 08:08 NewbSaibot wrote:
I remember these guys needling a 2/5 pro about all his tells, I've seen the man's live tracker, he consistently pulled 75k+ per year with several thousand hours combined.

If he becomes a statue he will double that.

lambeturah   Indonesia. Oct 13 2019 21:55. Posts 2

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