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Big in Japan

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makan18   Poland. May 04 2017 22:20. Posts 65
If I have to choose only one word, to describe what kind of a country Japan is, "specific" seems to be a suitable one. No other place that I`ve visited in the past, differed so much from the "Western World" than Japan - at least in terms of mentality. A country of a spectacular Skyscrapers, although You would find it difficult to comunitacte in English, even in hotels or restaurants. Very kind and friendly people, always willing to help You, yet a little bit aloof. Japan is a very homogenic country, over 98% of it`s population is japaneese. I was amazed, that sometimes I haven`t see

Tokyo has bewitched me for sure. The whole city was very clean and well maintained. I was a little bit surprised that there was not that many cars on the streets. However if You have such great public transportation system, owning a car may seems unnecessary. The system of public transportation the japanese people created, should be a role model for every other country. The kilometers of underground tunnels, allows You to move beetween several train and subway lines located on a single station. Architectural differences were also very interesting. Just dwo minutes long ride by a train was enought, to escape the neighbourhood of 300 feet buildings, I find yourself in the area of single-family homes, where time seemed to goes by slower. To sum things up, the way this gigantic oranism functions is truly remarkable.

Every foodie should definitely put Japan on his or hers bucket list. The sushi in fast service bars is kurwa sensational, the quality of food in average ramen restaurant is exceptional, and last but not least the taste of self-cooked beef takes away a desire to eat european steaks again.
During my voyage I have had a chance to taste at least dozen of ramen soups, and every single one was a little bit different, which turned an ordinary soup into a new culinary experience.

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Poker-wise March was another best month in my career. Just one month after the best score in my career, I had even a better one, all the more symbolic the first one with pre-rb score over 30k$. Given the fact that I only managed to play for 70 hours, my adjusted hourly reached almost 500$/h. Not bad, not bad at all...

post a

However it would be probably impossible to achieve a similar score in April. At the time of writing this piece, 1/3 month is gone and I managed to play for only 10 hours. Before I began my journey I knew that it would be impossible to grind full time, so my goal was to play just enough to maintain the mental sharpness. The time zone in Japan isn`t very good for poker. When the clock in the UK pointed 8 PM, it was 4 AM in Japan. I tried to play a bit after eating a solid breakfast ( very solid indeed, it was the best breakfast I`ve ever eaten in the hotel.)


These days it is very hard to find a decent games after 12 AM, and it`s very mentaly exhausting for me to play 150-200 hands per hour. Moreover I smoothly passed from the oging phase ( the period of very high productivity) into the deging phase ( the period of excessive drinking). However I`ve been working very hard since the September 2016, with only a short break for Christmas and New Years Eve, so I feel like I earned a longer break.
I`m in the middle of my trip, I`m gonna spend two more weeks in Thailand, after that I would return to the UK to continue my way of a peaceful grinder. The period of blessed laziness will have to be redeemed both at the gym and at the poker tables.

Live long and prosper,


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Vanity definitely my favorite sin 

PoorUser    United States. May 05 2017 00:55. Posts 7359

nice life

Moneys gotta go in here 

PuertoRican   United States. May 05 2017 03:29. Posts 10933

Rekrul is a newb 

thewh00sel    United States. May 05 2017 04:01. Posts 2727

Seems pretty sweet, thanks for the updates; definitely wanna check out Japan asap. maybe when the kids are both a bit older.

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TianYuan    Korea (South). May 05 2017 07:52. Posts 6739

Tokyo is like straight out of a fairy tale, very atmospheric.

For PLO games are actually quite good in the mornings asian time... but that's on stars. Party might not be big enough with non-europeans for that to be true :x

Hm.. Off-suite socks.. 

RiKD    United States. May 05 2017 19:24. Posts 4635

Nice post

I must go there someday

makan18   Poland. May 06 2017 01:10. Posts 65

  On May 05 2017 02:29 PuertoRican wrote:

Alphaville is cool, but I like this version better >

  On May 05 2017 03:01 thewh00sel wrote:
Seems pretty sweet, thanks for the updates; definitely wanna check out Japan asap. maybe when the kids are both a bit older.

I would say it is one of the best places for the family trip, felt supersafe, maybe even too safe :D

  On May 05 2017 06:52 TianYuan wrote:

For PLO games are actually quite good in the mornings asian time... but that's on stars. Party might not be big enough with non-europeans for that to be true :x

So I`ve heard from my friends who play PLO, it`s quite different for NLH, but to be fair I don`t play on PS

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lebowski   Greece. May 06 2017 23:16. Posts 8948

what's your winrate on a bigger sample? sick results

new shit has come to light... a-and... shit! man... 

makan18   Poland. May 08 2017 18:12. Posts 65

Probably around 5bb EV for the last 300k hands. I think 8bb is doable on NL400+, but I would have to make a better table selection, and play a lot more of my A-game, and a lot less of my C game

Vanity definitely my favorite sin 

PanoRaMa   United States. May 08 2017 19:40. Posts 1655

Awesome! Are you still around? I've been living here for the past 2 months 

makan18   Poland. May 08 2017 23:54. Posts 65

Nope , I left two weeks ago buddy. Great place, but shitty time zone, and lots of distractions. Great for holidays, not too good for full time grind;]

Vanity definitely my favorite sin 


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