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Live 2/3 NL Hand advice.

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deepstacker   United States. Jan 05 2017 06:56. Posts 2

9 handed on both hands. 2/3NL (300NL)

Hand #1 Effective stacks $450, Im covered by both villans.

Hero(UTG +1): QsQc
Villan#1 (MP)
Villan#2 (HJ)

See replayer below: (I could only program for 2/4NL)

At on the river the MP guy donks and the other guy tanks starts talking to himself and calls. MP says nice hand you got me, little did he know his sevens were good when the other guy said I have ace high.

Should I continue barreling turn? I had not been playing that long and the players seemed to have suited connectors in their calling range(Im guessing)

I felt kinda sick in my stomach seeing a 500$ pot getting shipped to a worse hand.

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deepstacker   United States. Jan 05 2017 07:03. Posts 2

Same hand for people with no flash player:

Hand Information
, 4 BB (9 handed).
Hand History converter courtesy of

Table Information
Seat: 1 seat 1 ($400) Small Blind
Seat: 2 seat 2 ($400) Big Blind
Seat: 3 seat 3 ($400)
Seat: 4 [color=Red]hero[/color] ($450)
Seat: 5 seat 5 ($400)
Seat: 6 seat 6 ($940)
Seat: 7 seat 7 ($560)
Seat: 8 seat 8 ($400)
Seat: 9 seat 9 ($400) Dealer
Dealt to [color=Red]hero[/color]

Preflop (Pot:6)
seat 3    FOLD
[color=Red]hero[/color]    RAISE $15
seat 5    FOLD
seat 6    CALL
seat 7    CALL
seat 8    FOLD
seat 9    FOLD
seat 1    FOLD
seat 2    FOLD

Flop(Pot: $36)

[color=Red]hero[/color]    BET $30
seat 6    CALL
seat 7    CALL

Turn(Pot: $96)

[color=Red]hero[/color]    CHECK
seat 6    CHECK
seat 7    BET $80
[color=Red]hero[/color]    FOLD
seat 6    CALL

River(Pot: $256)

seat 6    BET $115
seat 7    CALL
seat 6 SHOWS
seat 7 MUCKS

seat 6  wins the pot: $486

JohnnyBologna   United States. Jan 05 2017 21:39. Posts 1401

Check call the turn. Re-eval river. Easier to say now in retrospect.

Just do whats right 

JohnnyBologna   United States. Jan 05 2017 21:41. Posts 1401

Another possibility is to check call the flop to balance your ranges.

Just do whats right 

DooMeR   United States. Jan 05 2017 23:40. Posts 8544

yea honestly betting this flop is just not that great. It plays pretty well as a ck call because of how many bad turns there are.

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YoMeR   United States. Jan 06 2017 23:05. Posts 12435

check call flop looks good. betting flop i'd prefer a slightly bigger bit. they have the range advantage on this board. we need to be getting value from hands with great equity vs our hand if we choose to bet this flop.

turn is an easy check/call vs that sizing. and check / reeval river, call/fold depending on the price we get and what relevant information we have of villain

eZ Life. 

wobbly_au   Australia. Sep 15 2017 05:37. Posts 6540

bet turn smaller and c/c on that brick river.

The Last Laugh. 


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