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Unforgiven_ve   Venezuela. Apr 01 2016 01:57. Posts 732

Hello all, i have a question, for all of you, wich one is the "softest" poker site for low stakes? is still party poker full of fish? I have some days playing but either i suck or im in a instant downswing hehe

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please god if i win this hand...I WILL GLORIFY YOUR NAME !!! 

Unforgiven_ve   Venezuela. Apr 01 2016 02:13. Posts 732

also, is poker dead?

please god if i win this hand...I WILL GLORIFY YOUR NAME !!! 

chipsnhand   United States. Jun 20 2016 01:54. Posts 55

In my honest opinion, I think 888 for non-us and Bovada for us poker players. Hope it helps

NewbSaibot   United States. Jun 20 2016 05:46. Posts 4883

I fire up a hud from spectator mode on Bovada every now and then and can almost always find 1 table with 1 fish at any limit, even 10/20. You'll see 6+ players running 17/15 or 20/18 and then one guy playing half stacked and either 35/5 or 45/25 who seems to be the mark. Bovada also accepts bitcoin now so thats nice. I'd play there if it werent for the fact I can still encounter 3+ players running 35/5 at live tables in a casino.

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chipsnhand   United States. Feb 02 2017 23:51. Posts 55

For non-us 888 poker would be a good choice and ACR,Ignition and betonline for us players.
Better get a HUD,HM2 and PT4 needs add-on to run in Ignition and Betonline but are pretty good HUDs or DriveHUD which is a stand alone.

  On April 01 2016 01:13 Unforgiven_ve wrote:
also, is poker dead?

Poker wont die, it would be harder to earn online but it wont disappear.


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