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$350 live tourney spot

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traxamillion   United States. Dec 28 2015 14:12. Posts 10343

rarely play tournies so i want to double check a spot. Never really play with absurd antes although i have before and plenty of 20-40bb cap type poker.

260 entries, 12k starting chips. its on level 11 or 12. 1000/2000 with a 300 ante. Average stack about 62,500 with 50 players remaining. Cashing starts at 24th place with the real money up top at the FT (30k 1st). 10 handed tables although at the time of this hand we are either 7 or 8 handed. I just got moved to this table a few hands ago. First hand i opened A10o from mp and folded to a 40k jam from hijack or CO (standard? BB folded AQ faceup in the same hand lol... these tournies are so soft saw some of the craziest shit). folded the next 2 and now I am in the BB with K10o and a near 40k stack.

Folds to CO who covers with about double my stack and he opens for 4500.

Just about 10k in the pot. Opponent is an older asian dude who seems to know whats going on but I don't have any real reads on him.

Seems like all options are kinda close with call/shove >> fold.

maybe shove > call >> fold?

If you don't defend this what would u rather just call with in this spot?

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rogier   Netherlands. Dec 29 2015 07:18. Posts 1528

Jamming this seems horrible due to equity when called, and i cannot see how you can fold it due to the odds you are getting.(call 2500 to play a 2400+6k=8.4k pot otf is 3.5:1ish)

That leaves 1 option

traxamillion   United States. Dec 30 2015 07:27. Posts 10343

I chose to defend at the time but I asked two solid MTT players who said they prefer jam here. The disparity between opening and calling range for the CO player should allow for a wide restealing range. I don't disagree with that but I need to have the right assumptions about CO (and only 4 hands at the table im not sure of his opening range here). Looks like it can be pretty tight and jam is still ok though.

Still call is very clearly +ev too so i guess it is about which is better.

2400+4.5+1+2 = 9.9k in the pot

CO opens 25% and calls with 9% of that.

36% of the time I will get it in with 32% equity and lose 12k

64% of the time I win 9.9k without showdown.

So the play nets 2k chips roughly if those ranges are near correct. Dunno if that can be justified.

If he opens 15% and calls 8%

then half the time I lose 12K and half the time win 9.9K meaning I lose a K and shove is clearly bad.

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casinocasino   Canada. Jan 02 2016 18:00. Posts 3308

I would call pre and I would re shove hands with better blockers, pairs, and some suited cards.

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asdf2000   United States. Jan 02 2016 21:07. Posts 7467

yeah i think it's close between call and shove, I think this is a call if you are indeed very close to 40k or at

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