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2NL:Sitting on SB w/QQ, 15/12 reg on BTN raises 2.

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gabl136   Slovenia. Nov 27 2015 20:19. Posts 12

I'm sitting on SB. Folded around, reg on BTN with 15/12 VPIP/PFR (ABC player according to Holdem Manager 2) raises 2.5x , effective stack is 125BB. Would you call or would you 3-bet?

Villain stats:

Hands sample: 1.7k
VPIP/PFR: 15/12
3bet: 4,6%
fold to 3bet: 73%
4bet: 4,5%

Flop c-bet: 69%
Flop fold to c-bet: 43%
Turn c-bet: 65%
Turn fold to c-bet: 60%

PFR on BTN: 21%

What do you guys think is the optimal play here?

Do you call and try to get as much money in as possible, especially if there are no overcards?

Assuming you call, when do you fold postflop if he continues with the aggression?

What do you think is his actual range for raising the button when it's folded around to him?

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DragOn_   Canada. Nov 27 2015 21:46. Posts 214

For me it would depend on a few other factors as well, such as whether you are playing fullring or 6max, zoom or reg tables and your history with this guy. If youre playing fullring, these stats are less nitty than if youre playing 6max, so I would be inclined to 3bet him more in fullring and flat more in 6max. Also if this is a reg table and you have been 3betting him any time you get a decent hand (which you should, given those stats), you should also 3bet this because soon he will probably start to wake up and realize hes being exploited. If its a zoom table, or a table in which you or him just sat down, id prefer flatting because with less history you can get away with switching your ranges so that youre 3betting him only with various suited weaker hands, and flatting stuff that you want to get action with, such as this QQ.

Also his barreling stats would persuade me to flat more often because it looks like he will be either value betting thinly or bluffing more often that the general population when checked to, probably especially in later positions where ranges are wide/weak and he thinks he can blow you off a hand. So basically dont fold postflop unless the board is really bad, or his river stat is much lower than the others.

I dont know what his range is for that spot, you can easily check it yourself by clicking on the popup in your hud. I would imagine its 35-40%.

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Santafairy   Korea (South). Nov 27 2015 21:53. Posts 1292

you're oop but sometimes you can get away with calling to set mine, if there's an overcard definitely fold if he continues the aggression after opening 2.5x from button

It seems to be not very profitable in the long run to play those kind of hands. - Gus Hansen 

gabl136   Slovenia. Nov 28 2015 00:52. Posts 12

As I wrote above, his PFR for the button is 21%. However, that is only when it's folded to him or when he 3-bets. The question is, how much is he opening when it's folded to him.

Is there a way to filter out hands that have been folded to him when he is on the button in Holdem Manager 2?

DragOn_   Canada. Nov 28 2015 02:25. Posts 214

pokertracker4 has RFI stat in the popup, i dont know whether HM2 has a similar one or not. There is probably a stat you can add to your hud though for RFI if you want to

traxamillion   United States. Nov 28 2015 10:38. Posts 10343

3bet; if he calls ur always ahead


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