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Funktion   Australia. Oct 17 2012 10:11. Posts 1638

  On October 17 2012 02:54 Loco wrote:
So would picking up the books from those classes at the library, or watching free lectures from the university online, no?

To a limited extent only.

RICHI8   United States. Oct 17 2012 12:25. Posts 1341

  On October 17 2012 02:30 eestwood wrote:
I used to work as a software engineer (sw developer) and I hated it. Was trying to work for different companies during like 3 years after the uni and it always ended up with me hating the job / bosses / colleagues. Even worked in a cool startup company in London and I just had to quit the job.

BUT the money was pretty good and thats why most people do it. When I hear ppl who work office jobs sayin they love their jobs and wouldn't do anythin else that just sounds like a cognitive dissonance type of thing to me

Its kind of weird when I hear poker bosses like Longple etc sayin they want to do somethin else, because for me when you can make more money by yourself than by working for a corporation you are the bosss and you are winning

This is a pretty normal occurrence in the world of software and programming from what I can tell. I think a lot of people end up here due to being nerds and wanting to add programming to their utility belt of nerdy things next to Star Wars, Pokemon Cards, and The Big Bang Theory DVD sets. Others get pushed by their parents to major in something like Comp Sci. Then these people hit the real world and it's like "holy moly, what was I thinking?" I'm not saying this is the case for you, just something I see a pretty high percentage of.

The other thing that burns out programmers quickly is the type of work they do. If you get stuck slaving away as a code monkey at some mega corp focused on only doing one specific piece of the software development process over and over and over again, you're going to hate it and burn out. Universities tend to pump out these types of people by teaching them Java as their first and only language.

If you get any satisfaction from programming at all I urge you to start a little side project of your own that you enjoy. I think you'll notice a huge difference.

Floofy   Canada. Oct 17 2012 12:57. Posts 8692

I'm currently studying computer science at university. I am not 100% sure its my passion, but i always wanted to become good with programming. I currently could probably program decent Poker/Chess AIs, and thats really interesting to me (but those would take a while and i currently don't have enough time). The problem is i'm not passionate when programming something i don't care about.

james9994: make note dont play against floofy, ;( 

capaneo   Canada. Oct 18 2012 00:35. Posts 8465

I worked in mining/oil&gas as an engineer and the inefficiency of operations and waste of large sum of money SPECIALLY in mining sector was really frustrating to me. So in the past year I was involved in a high-tech start-up and now I am founding a company to bring technology to mining and oil&gas operations.

I love doing start-ups. Putting small teams of talented like minded people together to solve a problem. Talking to investors trying to convince them to give you money and making them believe what you believe and see what you see. Is always a thrill. Also contacting and meeting clients and mine operations to get on-board, convincing everyone to take that risk with you. Its just all challenging and rewarding.
Also being your own "boss" and not worrying about your "job" is always nice.

I got lucky to get involved with a bunch of "serial entrepreneurs" they are these folks with usually lots of money but money is not why these guys are in it. Its the game and the thrill itself. They are also really cool guys. Always speaking out their mind without a care in the world. Just watch Dragons Den TV show and you know what type of people I hang out with. There are investors who usually are all people who has done it before many many time. Then you get the team and other people who range from total nut-case lunatics to genius and super-smart. From honest and naive to super slimy and crooked.

And for me as a founder it all comes down to the calls you make along the way to make it or break it. And the best part is that in this business "there is no failure, there are only learning experiences"

So also if anyone here got any idea/contacts/projects related to Mining/Telecom or even other industries let me know, drop me a PM cause you never know what is gonna happen if you ask around.

In US everyone is happy as long as all the prices are rising. Unless its crude oil - Marc Faber 

EzPzLmnSqz   United States. Oct 18 2012 07:21. Posts 527

unless u try dammn lol nice vid

player999   Brasil. Oct 18 2012 16:53. Posts 7977

I wanna be like iop when I grow up

for now I'm pretty happy crushing poker and making a lot of money (imo) and it's being fun so far, but I def wanna have some job like that 10 years from now and not play more than 5hrs/month of poker even if I will still be crushing it

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Cooperstown83   United States. Oct 18 2012 19:14. Posts 73

I work as an insurance broker for a very large broker. It's not optimal, has its ups and downs but its a decent career. I'm hoping to retire by I'm 45, but I guess we will see.

Spitfiree   Bulgaria. Oct 19 2012 07:44. Posts 8932

I feel more comfortable now that i see more people have the same mindset on life as me ... not quite sure this is good for me or any of us tho

RiKD    United States. Oct 19 2012 19:19. Posts 5845

in the words of J:

Damn, little mans I'm just tryna do me
If the record's 2 mil I'm jus tryna move 3
Get a couple of chicks, get em to try n do E
Hopefully they'll menage before I reach my garage
I don't want much, fuck I drove every car
Some nice cooked food, some nice clean drawers
Bird-ass niggas I don't mean to ruffle y'all
I know you waiting in the wing but I'm doing my thing

Where's the Love?

BadGoNe   France. Oct 23 2012 08:56. Posts 1089

I've played poker but never that high (up to NL200) and haven't been really playing much since a couple of years. I work as a Head of Poker for a Top 4 room on iPoker which is pretty cool.
Head of poker basically means that I'm managing the high level strategy + marketing and product side.

I actually got hooked up with poker when I did my master in the US (never heard or played holdem before that) and since then I played quite a lot the first years after but then been working. I've been working in the industry for 6 years now. I love poker but I find it much better to have a "regular" work and then play on the side etc... It actually keeps you down to earth and allow you to have a good social life :-) It also helps to be working in the poker industry since poker is a passion and I get to travel to some live events for "work" as well

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Nov 08 2012 07:05. Posts 4551


hard to be sure weather poker is my passion or not, even after watching that video. Like phil galfond said about his decision to play poker instead of pursue a career path, it was a -ev decision and i believe it was a -ev decision for me as well, and probably a lot of other poker pros. I'm lucky to have what it takes to win @ midstakes.

All i know is that i enjoy playing poker, i enjoy it more than starcraft which was my hobby before poker. I enjoy thinking and solving shit. I quit starcraft for poker because starcraft relied on micro skills too much. I enjoy making money as well and trying to become the best at things i do. I enjoy the fact that i've learn't so much about myself by trying to make it in poker. I hate the fact that poker doesn't lead to anything, i hate the fact that i'm really bad at starting stuff myself, like going out and meeting people, or just taking classes in somthing i would enjoy. I procrastinate this stuff so much and i have no idea why. Laziness i guess. This is the biggest drawback in poker for me. You need to be a self starter in poker but in a career i don't think you need it as much.

I can definitely see myself putting in a million hands into poker every year though, for at least another few years. And i can see myself making more money in poker next year than this year. When i stop moving up limits in poker though i do get quite bored. I've been stuck at midstakes for a long time now. But crushing it a little more every month

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RiKD    United States. Nov 10 2012 13:38. Posts 5845

I saw this bumped and in the mood to write some things.

Where to start?

I am not sure so I think I'll structure it in a topic + thoughts situation and maybe bounce around.


There are a lot of definitions of passion but when I think about passion I think about desire. I think about love. I think about losing oneself in an endeavor.

On the other hand, I think about suffering. I think about obsession. I think about a chase for a fleeting sense (or loss of sense) in transcendence and joy.

The problem with "Finding your Passion" is it is an impossible task. Passion is a fleeting emotion. You can't really objectively find passion. Furthermore, you certainly cannot jam the square peg of passion into the round hole of a lucrative market. You can get lost in passion and get lucky that that turns out to be a lucrative market or you can successfully (or luckily) predict a lucrative market and fall in deep, passionate love with the opportunity, with the journey, with the challenge. I am not sure there are any other ways to "healthily," "successfully" find your passion. A heroin addict is passionate about heroin. There are very few ways to parlay that into a reasonable, sustainable existence. There are always exceptions. Russell Brand seems to have done it but at the end of the day it is not good advice to say "Hey! Find your addiction and hope to hit an outlier!"

But even so, even right now, I struggle with that relationship.

Should one be saying, "Hey! Work your ass off, make good choices, continue to predict the future, continue to find lucrative markets. You only live once! You only have to be right once!" ?

"Continue to acuire knowledge! Continue to acuire valuable skills! Continue to trial, to adapt, to progress!" ?

At the end of the day, it's gotta be subjective, it's gotta be personal. I would imagine for most it is the better decision to find a job and use that as a tool to pursue these fleeting passions elsewhere whether that's a '55 Chevy Corvette Stingray, weekend local gigs, or the bad bitch in the red dress with the figure to match the devilish smile, exhilarating eyes, and the knowing, accepting, longing expression that makes everything in this existence ok. But, for the ones crazy enough or lucky enough to find their passion, their addiction, their love in occupation and run with it do your thang. I don't know. Just try to be good enough at it so you aren't starving or crazy enough that you don't mind starving. That's really what it's all about. Are you eating what you wanna eat? Living where you wanna live? Taking care of the people you want to take care of? Finding enough fun distractions to lose yourself in the moment and forget all about the human condition and all the bullshit that comes with it?

At some point I want to expand on reflection, rationalization, contracts, "heaven" on earth, "hell" on earth, "god," art, architecture, nature, science, theory, practice, maybe some others but that is a lot and right now I just want to relax a little bit then lose myself in some ball games and bull shittin down at the local ball court.

One Love

Do Your Thang


RiKD    United States. Nov 10 2012 14:00. Posts 5845


I guess a good way to relax is to get thoughts out of your head and onto paper somewhere.


Contracts are hell. They are a way for assholes that don't give a shit about you to take advantage of these fleeting passions, emotions and the chase for happiness. They take advantage of human beings preference for habit. They take advantage of human beings ability to rationalize.

All contracts are hell. The best ones actually offer fair choices. Worse ones are coercion under the guise of fair choices. Even worse are the contract with existence and the contract with governement. We don't even get the chance to read it through or sign!

Loco   Canada. Nov 24 2012 17:18. Posts 20080

Really great stuff, RiKD.

Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible, will make a violent revolution inevitable. 

Stroggoz   New Zealand. Nov 26 2012 20:53. Posts 4551

  On November 24 2012 16:18 Loco wrote:
Really great stuff, RiKD.

supposed to have greenstar not bracelet 


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