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$1 PLO ds broadway turn deep

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InsideMan   United Kingdom. Apr 29 2012 15:28. Posts 159

I play a lot with villain. He's one of the better players I face on a regular basis, but can make mediocre plays at times.
In 3-4-handed play he has been running at 38/30/2 over 469 hands. He has a raise button percentage of 65% and a fold to 3Bet on the button of 20%.
He likes to realize the equity of his weak draws, so I don't think he has much of a bet-fold range on the turn. I would expect him to be betting primarily straights on the turn or very big drawing hands, should we check to him.
What's your turn play?

Submitted by : InsideMan

Hand converted by PokerTracker 4:

UTG: $174.61
BTN: $163.82
Hero SB : $193.00
BB: $97.00

Pre Flop: pot: $2.00 Hero hasTd5sJsAd

fold, BTN raises to $3.00, Hero raises to $10.00, fold, BTN calls $7.00

Flop: $21.00, 2 players7cAs Tc
Hero bets $16.00, BTN calls $16.00

Turn: $53.00, 2 players Ks

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MiPwnYa    Brasil. Apr 29 2012 20:26. Posts 5227

cc turn openshove BP rivs and spades

TianYuan    Korea (South). May 02 2012 09:07. Posts 6744

Do we open shove spades just because we don't think villain is floating this flop very often without an actual hand (so we would probably get called and there's not many hands that he'd be bluffing with anyway) and that he wouldn't shove a straight on river spade? Is it unlikely for someone to shove a straight if the river spades?

Hm.. Off-suite socks.. 

MiPwnYa    Brasil. May 02 2012 14:17. Posts 5227

most ppl wont vbet a str8 when checked to on a spade riv nah

InsideMan   United Kingdom. May 03 2012 05:16. Posts 159

Thanks for your input MiPwnYa.

There is no such thing as certainty in life, only opportunity.  


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